Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween By The Numbers

209 Trick or Treaters

5 Jumbo Variety Packs of Candy
2 Packs Milky Way
2 Packs Reeces Mini Peanut Butter Cups

1 Roommate to the rescue with 4 packs of candy

2 Roommates dressed as doctors

0 Trick or Treaters that believed us when we said we weren't actually doctors

6 Police cars that passed the house

2 Alcoholic beverages consumed by me

1 Alcoholic beverages comsumed by doctor #2

1 Cutest costume ever: 5 month old dressed as a chili pepper

43 Pieces of candy consumed by roommate not in costume

1 Dog that was extremely socially frustrated

2 Pieces of candy to children ages 2-12

1 Pieces of candy given to children 0-2 or >12

1 Small piece of candy to all kids >12 AND >200 pounds

1 Child who burst into tears at sight of socially frustrated dog

3 Candles placed on our front porch because our light was burned out

4 Mom's who shamelessly brought bags for candy for themselves

2 Very exhausted roommates ready to crash at 8:45

1 Roommate ready to go out for the night


Wes said...

Sounds like a great night with great roommates!

erichollins said...

You're such a nerd. You forgot how many pieces of candy that Dr. #1 ate throughout the night.

rice said...

NEVER count the candy that you personally consume on Halloween night.. It will just throw everything off. Just take two Tylenol for the sugar headache and go to bed..



Samantha B said...

Weird, I'm not much of a kid person, but kids in costumes--a chili pepper. Come on. Too cute!

E-Speed said...

we only had 24 Trick or Treaters. I love that the amount of candy you gave varied by age and weight, LOL.

Apparently no one comes to our street because they would rather hit all the rich peoples houses on Edgecliff.

Papa Louie said...

And the whole experience? Priceless!!

Lance Notstrong said...

Halloween rocks!!!

qcmier said...

Love the numbers. Got any left over candy?