Friday, October 06, 2006

Great swim day

I had a great swim practice this morning. It was my dream set with my favorite lane peeps (Except IronTriSteve , and I'm starting to forget what he looks like! he he). I love it when Jen comes. I can't friggin believe that she just learned to swim a couple years ago. Just seeing how much and how fast she has improved is a good motivator to get my butt in gear. So here is my dream set- cut down to my daily max (as per coach Angela's advice) of 2700 meters:

Warm up:
500 swim
200 pull
6 x 50 kick on 1:15 (or so... Lenny wanted to swim behind me because he says I kick faster than he swims so that had me high tailing it a bit)

Main set (2x):

5 x 100 pull on 2:00 Both times through I touched the wall at 1:35 the first 100 and then 1:40 for the others
4 x 50 on 1:15 odds easy (touched at :50) evens fast (touched at :40)
200 kick

Second time around I did 100 cool down instead of the kicking.

Then this afternoon I had Derm clinic, which is a welcome break from lab nerdery. Makes my legs a tad sore from all of the standing and walking, but it's totally worth it. I feel very in my element now in the clinic. I could get used to this Derm stuff I think...

And now it's out on the town! I'm about to go get all dolled up to go out and see what the single men of Cleveland are doing tonight. There's got to be at least one out there, right?

Catch ya'lls later. I've got a 2 hour ride with Jen tomorrow then I'm going to watch some football and cook something extra delicious for dinner. I'm gonna go gourmet- been awhile since I've had an evening to explore the kitchen. I'll share recipes, of course


Have a great weekend everyone!


Papa Louie said...

Wow! Great swim workout! I could only wish to swim like that some day. Have a great weekend.

Wes said...

The single men of Cleveland had better watch out. A tri-sis is on the prowl! Meow! Nice job on the swimmin. Something for me to look forward too!

qcmier said...

Haven't looked for any guys around town lately. I know there was at least one staying at home tonight though.

Kate said...

Ooh- have a great night! Sounds like a fun workout! I need to get the guts up to go to a Masters workout, but the one here seems pretty hardcore and when I swim 50ms on 1:15, I'm only getting 15 odd seconds rest. Hmm