Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Philanthropic Parking Meter

A month ago when I was going to my car after swim practice the dreaded CSU parking police were writing up my car. Yes, we park without permits, but for crying out loud we are gone by 7:30 am. I am absolutly not going to pay $30 per month to PARK at master's. So I have been delegated to the parking meters in front of the building.

Here's the weird thing. Every morning there are 1 or 2 parking meters that have 2-4 hours of time on them. Since they don't ticket between 9pm and 7am I know that it is not "leftover" from the last car. Now you might just think that they are broken meters. But the thing is- they are different meters every time! So totally weird. So I have taken to getting to practice 20 minutes early (yes, that's 5:40am) to find the free meter.

Yeah, I'm that cheap.

But I'm also obnoxiously early to everything, so it works. I'm pretty much always the first one in the pool.

Speaking of swimming, If anyone has not seen the hilarious Slowtwitch thread on weird swimmers, you must click here

In other news I have 2 tidbits of excitement:

I think my knee is on the way to being healed! I have a great PT routine to do compliments of a new friend who is a physical therapist. In addition I have been doing leg raises and balancing leg curls for the hamstrings (thanks Kurtis!). I did my first brace free / pain free run today. I am ecstatic!

Secondly, I have made it through week 2 of my whole foods pland-based diet. It's going great. I feel fantasic and I've been having a blast cooking all new foods. I love a challenge :)

Tomorrow's my planned day off. I'm totally going to sleep in... until at least 6am!


Wes said...

Yea for the knee! Double yea for cooking new foods!!

Sam said...

I prefer the word frugal to cheap. :)

For your new whole foods, see if you can grab some "mochi" at wild oats. You just cut them up and put them in the oven. They're great with a busy schedule!

Anonymous said...

aw, maybe that's someones idea of paying it forward!, congrats on the kneee improvement and new food lifestyle.

rice said...

I next to never pay for parking. If I come back to the car and there is no ticket then its like I win! Its my little bit of gambling for the day. I also have no problem pulling in the highly overpriced parking lots if there is no empty spots around instead of driving around for 45min to find a spot..


E-Speed said...

same thing with our meters behind the building! But I park in the 50 cent lot every day just in case :)

Glad your knee feels better!

Cliff said...

I can't stop laughing about the thread. Priceless.

Congrats on running without the brace.

erichollins said...

I'm glad your PT friend is helping you out. Now that you have a decent knee, don't push it too much. Once I start running again, I know that my knee issues will act up again, but I just have to take it slowly.

It's fun being cheap sometimes.

And that thread on ST is awesome. Every time I go swimming, I try now to find those characters posted in the thread.

LoneStarCrank said...

Nothing better than good karma and paying it forward! Good news on the knee... and hey, no making fun of us bad swimmers.

Marcus said...

that's really....sick! To get up before 6 o'clock in the morning!! That can't be healthy! No way!!

But on the other hand: somehow adoreable!

TriSonq said...

You know how Karma works. It's always good to pay it forward every once in a while. Maybe not by feeding a meter, but another good deed somewhere else.

Keep up the happy running, Early Bird!

JenC said...

We both got the philathropic meters today! Great to see you! If you get a chance to send me the cholesterol lowering diet, I'd really appreciate it. Have a great weekend buddy!

qcmier said...

If you're not afraid of the walk, you can park on Payne Ave for free. Also on E 24th, there's a strip where two or three cars can park for free.