Monday, October 30, 2006

Random Thoughts Monday!

1. Halloween thoughts

I went to a Halloween party on Saturday night at DaisyDuc's house. I'm trying to be more smart with my money because of how expensive my triathlon hobby is, so I decided to resurrect an old costume. Unfortunately the only real costume I've bought was for a 1001 Arabian Nights theme party. So I was a belly dancer. DaisyDuc lives about 45-50 minutes East of my house. The weather was pretty crappy when I left my house, and unfortunately it got worse on my way out there. Rain turned into slush turned into snow. I think I saw 12 accidents in 10 minutes. It was a real nerve wracking experience. So I'm driving down there white knuckled and I'm thinking- How embarrassing would it be for me to spin out right now? Sheer skirt, sparkly halter top, high healed sandals, more make-up than anyone should be allowed to own, drowning in half gallon of glitter, freezing on the side of the highway.

Hi officer. See I hit this patch of ice...

I'm sure it would have been quite a story down at the precinct. Thankfully I made it there and back safely and had a really good time :)

In other Halloween news... I make a vow every year that next year I'll buy enough candy for the kids. Every year I think that I have enough. Every year I end up turning off my light and hiding because I ran out. Now, don't think I'm stingy. It's one of my favorite days of the year. There's nothing cuter than kids on Halloween. But I'm pretty sure that we get in excess of 150 kids every year. So this year I have them fooled. I bought 5 super duper bonus bags of candy. I have more than 300 pieces of candy. I can't possibly run out! (I say that every year)

2. Training thoughts

I found the best Saturday trainer entertainment - I finally was able to watch and entire Badger game! Since I am a huge football fan, especially all things Badger and Packer it was a great 2:15 on the trainer. It was unfortunate that they played such a trash first half, but the comeback kept me spinning hard to the end! GO BADGERS!

Sunday I had a great run. I had company this time and went down to the towpath to get off the Dreadmill. It's amazing how great and fast a run can feel when you are having good conversation! The weather was awesome, too. A little windy, but just being out in the sun with the trees turning colors and all of the people out walking their dogs was so refreshing. Hopefully there will be more long runs like this in the future. One can only handle so many treadmill miles!

3. Trainer!

I got my new trainer today! I bought it from Tom Demerly of BikeSport Michigan. He had a great deal on the Kurt Kinetic Trainer. I wish I lived in Michigan. His customer service is amazing. I ordered it on Saturday night and it was on my doorstep by Monday morning. If you ever need a bike or accessories and are in the area check them out! . I'll give out my review of my new toy soon because I have a 6am appointment with it tomorrow for 1:15.

4. Today's swim

I'm pretty sure that they drained the pool over the weekend and filled it with molasses. Bastards! Or maybe it could be that I ate like a pig and drank like a fish this weekend. Nah, must be the water.

5. Great new recipe for the protein seeking herbivores out there-

1 cup lentils
1 cup quinoa
1 can black beans
1 jar hot salsa
1 packet taco seasoning
5 cups water

Bring it all to a boil- cover and simmer until water is absorbed. Voila! 4 protein rich meals


matt said...


When I'm talking about someone and that person walks into the room, I quickly say the following: I said "freeze-dried horse manure? This is not my suitcase."


Anonymous said...

Send some of those kids down this way 'cause we don't get any, and frankly, it hurts me a little bit. ;)

Happy Halloween!

Samantha B said...

Happy Halloween!

I'm thinking somewhere, sometime today, someone WILL end up braking down, or skidding to the side of the road, only to be left outside in an interesting costume having to explain it to an officer or good samaritan. Glad you got there and back safe Saturday!

I think I used to trick or treat near you when I was a kid. There was this one house that always gave out whole candy bars. Ah, the memories...and the cavities!

Wes said...

Phew! I'm glad you didn't break down in that outfit too! Do we get a picture of your new toy? You actually eat that stufff? Ewwwww :-) Give me chilli cheese dogs with saurkraut any day. LOL.

DaisyDuc said...

Since I doubt I mentioned it when you were leaving....I was go glad you made it out to the boonies. I think you would have made the officer's night!!! Not everyday he gets to help a gorgeous belly dancer in distress!!!

Flatman said...


Congrats on the new toy!

matt said...

I'm just proud that, for once, I got in before Wes and Flatman. Because those guys are quick.

TriSonq said...

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Mmmmm. My Fav and downfall!

I usually buy a package or two of those, knowing I never get more than five trick or treaters. I end up with the leftovers. Oh darn! ;)

Happy Halloween!

JenC said...

Happy Halloween! I drove into work today wearing my Batman costume. Didn't cause any accidents and thankfully, didn't get into one.

See you tomorrow! Hopefully, they've cleaned out the molasses. I'm already slow enough!

qcmier said...

Go Bucks!!! Michigan Suck!!!

Anonymous said...

"turning off my light and hiding" LOL!! so people DO hide!? funny. the recipe sounds fantastic i'm going to copy/paste... but i need to look up what quinoa is!