Sunday, October 15, 2006

HR training

I had my third Zone 2 run this morning, and it was awesome! Well, compared to the first at least. Let's look at the stats for my 45 minute runs:

First run: ave pace 12:15 per mile. I made it 3.35 miles
Second run: ave pace 11:30 per mile. I made it 3.94 miles
Today's run: ave pace 10:32 per mile. I made it 4.27 miles

This is working way faster than I had anticipated. I can totally handle my long runs at 10 min per mile or so. I was getting so scared that I was going to be stuck with 12:15. But somehow my heart is adapting to the low rate exercise and I am able to go much faster while maintaining 150 bpm. It' s nice to see results this quickly! In my line of work it is so rare.

I also started my strength training regimen today. I have been inspired to start building muscle by my body fat measuring scale. I would have never thought a 5'4" girl weighing 120 pounds could be 25% body fat. Geez. Time to get buff.

I just peeked at this week's schedule. I'm excited to see an additional 1:15 worth of running for this week. I was starting to feel like a slacker. Should be a good week of exercise with 9:15 plus strength training planned

In other news I did some housecleaning today. Not your everyday vaccuum and pick-up deal. No, I did the- clean behind and under the couches, throw out 3 garbage bags worth of trash, scare out all the spiders from the nooks and cranny's clean. Felt good. Then I took my dog, who has been more than even her own share of neurotic this week, for a long 2 mile walk. It is just the most spectacular fall day. I wanted to soak as much in as I could.


erichollins said...

Congrats on the heart rate running thing. THat's one thing that I'll be working on after IMFL and once I'm healthy. Congrats on cleaning the house, too. It's very soothing to clean.

Rachel said...

Be forewarned: those "body fat" measuring scales are waaaay off. It says I'm 26%! I'm 5'8" and 130. So....I'm skeptical.

Charlie said...

I may ask for help understanding HRM data. Mine is 5 zones. Confusing.
I have been the mad chef lately.
I will share things once I have worked out the kinks.
Think Garlic, ginger, lemon juice, vinagar. But not at once.

Kate said...

That's so impressive- this HR training business is definitely intriguing. I think it might good a sensible approach for an overtrainer like me!

The body fat scales are apparently most inaccurate for endurance athletes. The way your muscles hold water (yes, I know, you'll want the actual science) is different to mere mortals like me, and that leads to an inflated reading. That's why a lot of those scale have an athlete mode- not that I can work mine.

My body fat scales say I'm in the mid-20s too. But I'm 5'6 and 138ish so I think it might not be far off. Also- earlier this year when my weight was in the low 130s, it was between about 19 and 22.. So however accurate it is or isn't, somethings wrong.

(sorry for the novel..)

JenC said...

As my times and HR came down last year, I always had the Rocky theme in my head. As the chorus says, you are "getting strong now". Keep up the good work!

rice said...

I prefer the old way of measuring body fat.. lots and lots of photos and listen to the comments. Do you know there still measuring kids in school and using the height/age scale to tell them if there over weight or not.. I couldn’t believe it when my friends daughter told me she was overweight.. She’s 16 and looks like your (not so)average scrawny teenager. So anyway biff the scale and post lots of photos!

Good luck picking up the weights again. I dropped them last month to taper for my marathon, but just picked them up again this week.. I love the extra feeling of strength that if gives you when you tie it into the rest of the training.



Wes said...

Phew! It's about time you got that ticker under control... It is really unfair that nature requires women to have more body fat than men, but you'll be fantastic and looking all buff in no time!

DaisyDuc said...

Wow, that is an huge change. I have never did any heart rate training but clearly there seems to be something to it.

Strength training is my favorite because you can generally tell what a difference in body definition that it makes.

qcmier said...

I never put much stock in body fat numbers. It is hard to measure and can vary a lot based on the measurement technique. At the IM WI expo I was measured by one of those fancy shmancy scales and it said my body fat was like 12% but that most of it was not in my core areas. Umm, a quick tug on my pants tells me otherwise.

Glad you are seeing results of the HR training.

LoneStarCrank said...

I always love to hear statements like this, "I'm excited to see an additional 1:15 worth of running for this week."

I made a comment like that to my wife recently and she looked at me like I was crazy...which made me realize -- to 95-percent of people -- we are.

Anonymous said...

good luck with your strength training. and i love that feeling after giving the house a good clean, happy fall! :o)

Marcus said...

Hi there, i found your hp when i looked through e-speeds site and was fascinated of your sidebar-workout calendar. i added the buckeyes-thing into my blog as well. I wish you all you need to reach one of your lief's become an IRONMAN.

matt said...

My new shoes are so boners. I was just thinking about them at work today. I can't wait to get home and put them on and go for a run. Don't tell anyone this, but I kind of spooned them last night. Whatever, like you never slept with new running shoes.