Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Training notes

Swimming is back in the short course pool. I have severely mixed feelings about that.

Pros of a 25 yard pool:
I feel super duper fast
We have a ton of lanes
fly seems more manageable when you can clearly see your destination

Constantly flip turning
3 people in a lane seems congested
Less like a traithlon swim than the 50m

I'll get used to it, but it just takes a few sessions. On the bright side I can now tell that I'm faster than I was in high school. We did sets of 50's (see my new awesome sidebar?) and they were mostly stroke. I had no problems with a sendoff of 1:00 and had a lot of rest time between them. I'm really curious what my 100 free time is going to be...

Running- today was one of my 2 "double practice" days this week. I've been trying to wear my knee brace since my patella's been bothering me. However, like clockwork I have to rip it off 20 minutes in because my IT band flares. Then 10 minutes later the pain subsides. Yes, yes I need to get in to see someone. But I'm broke, so I have to wait for my loan to come through. This sport is so expensive!

Life notes- Not much going on. I submitted another manuscript yesterday but don't have the highest hopes that it will make it. I also have some of my last experiments for my thesis on Monday. It will be a big relief when I can be done with the work. Then I just have to get the motivation to write my last big paper, my review, and my thesis. No worries, mate!


Wes said...

Good luck with your work! I am enjoying your swimming. I have so much to learn!!

qcmier said...

Oh shoot, I forgot CSU went back to short course in the winter. Bummer for me.

Hope you can keep the knee under control.

Good luck with the thesis.

And just like our club Prez would say, No worries.

TriSaraTops said...

I did most of my IM training with TriEric in a TWENTY YARD POOL.

*banging head against wall*

Yeah, that's fun.

erichollins said...

I swim in a 33yd pool. Yeah, I know that's an odd size but whenever they built a bunch of neighborhood pools around Austin, they decided that a 100ft pool was the right length. WTF!?!?!?!?

matt said...

I used the last of your soy milk this morning. And I ate some of your ice cream last night. And I'm out of clean in your room... ...there's a note on the dishwasher explaining everything.

JenC said...

The slowpoke swimmer in me is glad to have the short course back. I can poke along at my own pace again, instead of trying to keep up with your fast butt. See you tomorrow!