Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Training week 1

Very easy week to ease back into base building. I was instructed to do NO MORE than 3000 yards in the pool MWF, so I have been good at getting out at 2700 meters . This morning was a tough stroke workout that nearly killed me. Tuesday morning was a 60 minute trainer ride keeping my HR below 154. That was nice and easy, but my legs were still fatigued last night. That's the weird thing about the trainer. I am just as sore after 1 hour as I am after a 3 hour outdoor ride. No downhills on the trainer! So for the rest of the week it's a 40 minute easy run tonight, tomorrow OFF (gasp!), Friday swim, Saturday 1.5 hour ride, and the marathon relay on Sunday.

In other news:

I love training peaks! Angela uses this with all of her clients and I think it's great. Highly recommended program. It allows you to put in a ton of info about every day. Training, hours of sleep, stress level, HR, and you can upload your Garmin into it. Another great feature is the nutrition page. It catalgues your daily caloric needs (based on the training page) and then allows you to put in all your food for the day. Just about any food you can imagine is in their database. So at the end it lets you know how your carb/protein/fat distribution is. Very useful and informative.

Got a new cell phone. The roommate challenge is to get the most obnoxious ringtone you can find. Matt has a great 70's song (I can never remember the name, but it's awesome). My choice? When I get a call I get to hear Barry Manilow crooning Coca Cabana. But when you choose a stupid ringtone you have to be very careful about turning off the ringer at inappropriate times. My mom walked into a funeral without silencing her phone and it went off. Her song? The Chicken Dance.


Wes said...

So, what's training peaks? It starts! The road to Coeur D'Alene! I'm going to get my bike fixed this weekend and next year I hope to start swimming in may or so. Luv the thing about the ring tones.

IMmike said...

wow, you're starting early. keep it easy for a while. you're going to want/need all the mental energy you can muster in april and may.

rice said...

wait.. are you calling a Barry Manilow ring tone 'stupid'!


Matt said...


Europe, bro. It's the good stuff.