Friday, March 23, 2007

Bib number 1705

Bib numbers are up! Makes it that much more real now. So I thought I would do a race by pictures thread, since I'm starting to get my gear together.


Of course, in this swim, it's all about the wetsuit. Water temperatures in the Pacific will be 58-60 on race morning. But I got this beauty in the mail on Monday. This is the Nineteen Wetsuit new Pink Ribbon edition Frequency wetsuit. Top of the line, nice thin material on the back of the shoulder blades for increased flexibility, nice thick neoprene for the legs for added buoyancy, short cut for ease of removal. This is one kick ass wetsuit. Can't wait to see how she performs next Saturday.

I'll be wearing my old standby Nike goggles. They get the job done. Make sure to put them on before the swim cap just in case I get kicked in the face. Swimming without goggles in salt water is NOT fun

Rather than buying a neoprene cap for the cold water, I'll just wear my silicone cap underneath the race cap. Should give me enough warmth to make it through. More incentive to go faster!


First goes on the helmet. Always, always the first thing to put on in transition. Avoid a stupid chinstrap or helmet penalty! This is a new helmet for me, we'll see how she feels in a race. It was comfy at training camp

I don't think I can say enough about these sunglasses. For less than 20 bucks, they offer 100% visibility (no frames), and they don't hit my eyelashes! I have seriously never had a pair of sunglasses I liked before. Bike Nashbar Arlon. Buy a pair, you won't regret it.

A great buy from Performance bike here. Long sleeved jersey with a large zippered pocket. I can put all my food in there and not worry about it falling out when I throw it on in T1. Sweet.

Mike Honcho. Need I say more?

Thanks to Danny from camp, these AWESOME race wheels got packed up and sent to Cali with my bike. The only hitch is that they are tubular tires. And you thought I was bad at changing clinchers! LOL! But let me tell you, that bike will look BADASS!

Obligatory Forerunner pick. It will be sitting on my bike waiting for me. I'll give it much more respect if it makes it through the race on its battery power


I'll be running in the new Asics Kayano 13's. I'm honestly not as happy with the 13's as I was with the 12's. They have less arch support and give me blisters. Hopefully the 50 miles at camp wore them in.

I'll have this outfit on underneath my bike jersey since it will be warm on the run

And... a headsweats hat

Nothing fancy.

Come on, did you doubt for a second which flavor of power bar I would have? Puuulllleaaasse! 2 bars in the first 2 hour of the bike for me!

Expresso Love.... Mmmmmm Caffeine.... One before the race, 2 to finish out the bike, and a few to get through the run. I will be properly wound up by the time this baby is over ;-)

And my drink of choice, Gatorade Endurance. 16 ounces per hour and some water should have me in good shape.

Bring it on


Paris said...

Miss u...

teacherwoman said...

Great post with all the pics.. the shades..

Good luck!

Charlie said...

Espresso Love...mmmmm.
Good to see sleeves on that suit. I remember you telling me you were going to gut it out without.
You look to be very well prepared.
Have fun

Ken Schulz said...

I'd be interested in reading your review of the forerunner and how it works on the bike.

Will said...

You're probably going to want to put some pedals on that bike, though :-)

Wes said...

Man! You got all kinds of cool stuff!! So that's the challenge then? Finish the race before the Garmin gives out? LOL. Too bad you can't wear it on the swim. That would really motivate you :-)

Kate said...

You have some hot stuff!

DaisyDuc said...

I guess you are ready!