Monday, March 26, 2007

Holy Free Speed, Batman!

Took the ole Pink Ribbon wetsuit to the pool this morning to test her out. Yes, this morning I was "that girl"

I was waiting for the doors of the pool to be opened with another girl and we had a conversation..

Me (wearing my full wetsuit already): I usually don't swim in the pool in my wetsuit

Her: Are you really cold today?

Me (laughing...maybe too hard): No! It's new and I need to test it out before I race with it

Her: Hmmm.... Ok....

I got a LOT of looks this morning, to say the least.

I had a 800 warm up which I planned to do in the suit. I jumped in and started swimming.

Holy snikeys I was fast. The first few laps I almost cracked my head on the wall because I'm not used to going into my turns with that much speed. So for my last 100 I decided to test it out. OK, race pace 100 yards. My usual pace for a race pace 100 is about 1:23

So off I go. It felt really good. Then I hit the wall and looked up


Holy shit! Did I see that right? Holy shit!

Free speed, baby! Well, not free, but you know what I mean.

Then I took it off (I was DYING of heat exhaustion by this point), and just to make sure I'm not tapered like a rock star I checked all my times for the rest of the workout-

200's took me 2:57 (100 easy 100 build)
100's on 1:22-1:24

Yup, that wetsuit kicks ass!

Bring on the Pacific!


Rachel said...

You're a fast swimmer! I'll be waving goodbye to you at the start. ;) That's funny you swam in your wetsuit in the pool. I love how fast it makes you feel. I swam in the ocean yesterday. Water's about 60, which actually felt nice, compared to the 55 it has been. It didn't freeze my face off when I dived in so that's good. I'm so psyched for Saturday!!!

Wes said...

Wooey! I knew I had you pegged when I called you a Great Lakes Dolphin :-) Speedy out of the wet suit, and super speedy in it! And I bet you looked like a tri-goddess in it too!!

Charlie said...

Next time you swim in the pool with a wetsuit, wear a helmet.

8am on Sunday? I'll have to give it a shot.

SkiRough said...

Awesome :) I can't believe the wetsuits take off that much time. Do you have a link to your wetsuit? I'm assuming it's a breastcancer benefit suit since you called it pink ribbon?

Kate said...

My word you're a speedster!

Your wetsuit will be awesome in CA!

TriSaraTops said...

Damn, now you've got me curious! My usual 100 race pace is 1:26...hmmmm...can I swim 100 hard in my 89 degree Y pool with X (my Xterra) on? :)

The first time I wore a full length swimsuit, I took 4 minutes off my Oly time! FOUR! I was sooooooooo pumped.

Have fun!

DaisyDuc said...

Yeah little fishy!! You are just going to cruise through that ocean swim out there!!

Chuck said...
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Herniation Boy said...

Yes, wetsuits are superfast. Best of luck at the race.

JenC said...

Good stuff!! You are going to kick butt out there!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

If you think you are fast in the wetsuit in the pool, just wait until you get in it in the saltwater. You're going to feel like you are on top of a surfboard.

Good luck in Cali...

Mallie said...

Hey. At least you're not the guy in the snorkel mask and flippers doing backwards flops into the pool as if he's entering a deep sea dive from the side of a boat, right?

You're one fast swimmer. Folks better start worrying!

JeffM said...

That's a great 100 time- was it the suit or the camp?
Good luck at the race!!!