Monday, March 12, 2007

Smartass Camp Day 3- The Flat

I woke up this morning way before the alarm... again. Once you get used to getting up at 4:45 am it's really hard to break the habit. Ate a ton of food for breakfast- peanut butter toast, a nectarine, a bunch of cereal and 2 cups of coffee. Again, not the greatest of meals before a long training day, but I eat pretty much anything I can get my grubby little hands on right now.

I felt like crap when I started the swim today. People were passing me like I was doing the survival float- anyone who has gone to open at a pool at a major University with a prominant engineering program will understand that gem of a stroke.

Then I got to use swim paddles for the first time ever. How I managed to go through my life without using those dreadful torture devices I'll never know. But my happy swimming life ended today with 5 x 400 meters with the paddles. Smartasscoach got more daggers from me today in the pool after my third set:

So how do you like the paddles?

I hate them- they hurt my fingers

Good. Go!

And I lost my 30 second rest. Bastard

But the swim got better as I went along and finished with a negative split 800 meter swim led by a pro. Good stuff!

Then it was off for a wonderful bike ride. Nice and easy Zone 2 34 mile ride in the 65 degree no wind air.

Pre-ride pics:

We started and I was so happy to be out riding again. I can't really explain how much I love my bike. I will miss it dearly when I have to ship it to Oceanside next week.

Anywho, I start the ride totally stoked and riding in front of the group enjoying the hell out of my day when I heard an all too familiar sound. pfffttt... pffffttt....pffffttttt

Please, Please, Please- tell me that is just something rubbing on my tire. Please! And right as the group rolled by me, my front tired rolled to a flat.

Sons of bitches!

I yelled out- Who has a pump! I'm flat!

And my savior Miranda came to my rescue. She is about the sweetest and most enthusiastic person I've ever met. She was awesome and helped me fix the flat as the entire group rode off. After having more troubles with the flat than expected, we were off to enjoy the ride. And let me tell you... that girl is a friggin rock star! She pulled me along for 32 miles at 20 mph in her comfy zone 2 pace. I can only dream of that! Everytime I lost her wheel my heart rate soared into zone 3. So I was stuck like white on rice to her back wheel for 1:40. But it was a great time and I found a kindred spirit in Miranda- another crazy overachieving girl who is never quite happy with her performance. But watch out for her at IMAZ because she is going to rock it!

Here we are after the ride:

What the boys do after workouts:

I got back a little tired but the ride was wonderful. The next workout for the day was a killer run. Here is what was in store:

30 minute Zone 2
30 minute build to Zone 4
10 minute cool down

Holy shit that was a tough run. Probably my hardest run of my life. Could have something to do with the fact that I trained 4 hours Saturday, 5.5 Sunday, and 3 already today... but my legs did NOT want to run in zone 4. It was a struggle, and I was cursing the sand, cursing Smartasscoach, cursing my trail shoes... but I made it.

Then I went shopping, made jumbalaya for the boys and am ready for bed. Tomorrow is going to be


So if I survive, I'll write tomorrow


erichollins said...

I wish I was having as much fun as you. I'm here trying to go to sleep but keep getting woken up by my roommate. Then, the tiles on the shower fall off the wall and I have to clean up that mess. I'll have to deal with that this week and that means buying a sledgehammer at Home Depot and going to town, baby! Then I have to pay someone to fix all the crap.

erichollins said...

Also, you'll survive tomorrow. You're tough. You can dig it.

Noel said...

Damn Jodi, how long did that flat take you to fix? 1h40min trying to catch up to the rest?
Well, now you have a good idea where you can improve some more before your next big race.
Mind you, I hate doing exactly the same, practicing fixing flats FAST!
It'll save your race one day!

Wes said...

hey now! I'm practicing that thar survivor stroke! I'm gonna need it!! You are having such a good time, kicking your butt or not, and you are going to be awesome in California. You and Mike :-)

JenC said...

More good times! I'm glad you are enjoying camp!

You've got to get a C02 cartridge dispenser. They rock for filling flat tires!

Mallie said...

How come you didn't have a pump or a cartridge? :)

Sounds like you're having a great time. I'm sure you're going to come away from this with some extra know-how that gives you just that bit more edge...even though you want to kill/maim the coaches with dirty looks!

DaisyDuc said...

Oh this is great stuff here lady!

Glad to hear that you are being challenged and all is going well!

I love my bike too but flat tires and mechanical diffulties sure do stink!

Cookie Monster said...

Eye of the tiger!

E-Speed said...

You are doing great! And you are pushing to your limits! Awesome job!

E-Speed said...

ps I love how everyone has their legs up in the lap top photo.

Charlie said...

65 degrees and no wind.
It's 75 here in C-town, but lots of wind.
Better to screw around with flat issues now than in June.