Saturday, April 28, 2007

Just call me Grace

The Klutz strikes again

Yes, I am truly a piece of work.

I went out on my first run after my IT flared and I was able to really keep the pain away by paying really, really close attention to form. What happens when I pay really really close attention to anything while running?

You know the drill

I fell down. Right on my knee. Yup. Right on the damn kneecap.

Having a long history of clumsiness, I am quite accustomed to the pain of falling down. I sat down, rubbed the knee for a minute and then hopped up and started running. No biggie

My bike ride (trainer) the next day was swell, no problems. The huge bruise on my knee didn't seem to bother me.

Fast forward to Friday. I had a 1 hour Zone 2 run to do. I start running. Hmmmm I am a little uncomfortable.... wow, I am a lot uncomfortable.... mile 1.5 comes... holy shit!! This HURTS.

So what do I do? I jog/walk home and immediately burst into tears, completely convinced that I've fractured my kneecap. Yeah, I know, over-reaction of the year. But realize that my PhD thesis is due in 10 days. This was my second spontaneous breakdown/hysterical crying session of the week. I'm not exactly the definition of emotional stability lately.

Thankfully Paulo was online and was able to talk me off the ledge. I'm sure it's just how he wanted to spend his Friday evening- chatting with a hysterical girl who is just sure that this little boo boo has doomed her Ironman. Well, anyway I felt a little better and iced a lot and was told not to do anything stupid until the inflammation was gone (like run)

So today I did a nice 5.5 hour ride (2 on the trainer, 3.5 outside in the cold and rain) (no run) and had no pain. Weird how some injuries can be SOOOO sport specific. And instead of my long run tomorrow I'm going to hit the road again and do 3 more hours. I'm again going with my swimming buddy who is just the greatest! He endured 2.5 hours of my ride today even though it was freaking cold. He has become my training coordinator lately- I am now set for my brick next week and my ride tomorrow. WoooHoooo! It's nice to get off the trainer every once in awhile!

Oh, and on an unrelated note, I have so much more respect for Carrie Underwood. She is my new hero for singing "Before He Cheats". I don't even like country music, but that song kicks ass. Not that I have any experience with that kind of thing...


Wes said...

Ummmm. Ms. Jodi? I like need you to be careful :-) I'm living vicariously through you as you achieve Iron, and I can't afford to have anything happen to prevent you from achieving that goal :-) Seriously! Please be extra careful, especially with knees. You have to learn to land someplace soft, like your buttocks comes to mind! LOL. Keep it real. I know you have tons of pressure on you know, but 10 days is not a long time to put a higher priority on your thesis. Then, Ironman is sure to follow!

TriSaraTops said...

Yikes! Ouch!

Just wait until the week or two before IM when you get the taper "phantom pains." Like, "AGH! What's that little twinge in my quad? I THINK I AM GOING TO DIE"

That's a fun phase! :)

Hope it feels better soon!

Neese said...

from IT flare to Carrie Underwood, you make me smile :) sorry about the emotional thing, you will find your balance with that too :)

E-Speed said...

OMG Trisara I am having those right now uggh!

Jodi I hope your knee heals quick. I feel you on the clumsiness. I am such a bruiser. I don't even know where half of them come from! Glad you are able to ride with the knee!

Kate said...

OW!! Take care! Good on you for doing 5.5 hours despite the knee.

PS- Wes, are you calling Jodi's glutes soft? (I'm sure) She is IRON (in training) all over!

I had phantom pains pre-marathon, and during the first 5-10k! Then the pain started being real!

erichollins said...

My roommate peed on my couch last night. I'm looking for a new roommate this morning.

Charlie said...

Ouch, Hope it feels better soon.

BTW, I finally followed your recommendation and picked up a copy of The China Study.
So far it is a good read.

Carrie Underwood is talented.

John said...

Hope you recover quickly but you can't be as clumsy as my mother can you?

In the last few years she's broken a toe on one foot followed by her breaking the opposite foot and then followed that up by breaking the other foot!

Now she didn't have all 3 happen at once but there wasn't much time in between each and she was just walking out of the that's a clutz!

DaisyDuc said...

Woman, I must have your clumsiness trait too. I have this terrible calf bruise I got last weekend hanging shelves and then I got my knee today moving an air compressor...both with Joey's assistance, so perhaps that is part of the problem.

Sounds like some great training. Thought about you today when I was riding out in Hinckley...looking forward to some rides very soon!!!

khai said...

I think you owe Paulo a care package for the emotional counselling - you know he only does that for the "elite of the elite" (Sergio) he coaches, right?

Heal up quick, girl. And try those peanut butter M&M's again - they're way better than the peanut!

Mallie said...

I'm a phantom bruiser myself. I get them all down the back of my legs and don't have any idea where they've come from. At least you know you made an impact and can work to reduce the swelling. Let it heal, though I know it must be hard to be missing your runs!