Sunday, March 23, 2008


Camp is officially over and the boys had a very tough training day today (about 8 hours total). They needed a reward, so we headed over to meet Danny and Misha at COLDSTONE!

(Jonathan, Sergio, me, and Paulo)

We also hit McDonald's on the way back to the apartment for a salt fix of fries for Jonny and Paulo. Did you ever wonder what the pros eat?


I'm still here for a couple more days, so I'll be hitting the roads tomorrow for another 3 hour ride with intervals. But I'm definitely sleeping in and taking the day off of swimming!!!!! I swear I'm about to grow gills...

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Ange said...

I've had such fun reading about your training camp experience. Great job. You must feel so strong and proud of yourself! I've been living vicariously through you. Love your blog!