Saturday, March 29, 2008

Put a fork in me!

Yesterday was brick day. The plan was to ride with the group and then for me to ride the 15 miles home to round out my 3 hours. The group ride was actually really easy (in comparison). It was a max 22 mph on the way out and 23 on the way back in. Compared to the 24mph that kicked my arse earlier in the week it was a total cakewalk. Snug in the middle of the paceline I was able to get away with zone 2 most of the ride. But it was still a mad sprint to get back up to speed around all the corners and after all the stops. We ended up riding a little long after Lanny and Craig gave me a tour of the mansions in Port Royal and we returned to the parking lot at 50 miles. I was just totally spent. I knew that I still had 25 more minutes to make 3 hours but I just was DONE. So I decided to just drive home with Lanny instead of ride and then do the brick run when I got back. Still a solid day, but not quite what I had planned for the workout. After the I had a chance to chill a bit. Drank half a pot of coffee and was ready for our afternoon adventure- Kayaking!

Then we did what all reasonable people do after kayaking... 2 for 1 margaritas!


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Big ass sitter said...

Now there's a sport that I can do. I love the two for one part.