Friday, March 21, 2008

Damn, this stuff is exhausting!

Finally an easy day scheduled today. And man, do I need it! I arrived at camp 4 days before the next athlete and it is definitely showing. I have been so grumpy lately. Just totally exhausted. I'm sure part of that is due to putting in 3-7 hour days while sick, but the cold has pretty much run its course by now. Just some coughing left.

A couple days ago I went to the ART guy in Las Cruces (thanks for the hookup Danny!) and he worked on my shins extensively. The diagnosis was posterior shin splints caused by high intensity treadmill running. He gave me the go ahead for trail running and I've put in some solid runs. Yesterday was the killer run- 30 minute warm up, 40 minutes in zone 3, with 10 minutes of cooldown. We did this same workout at the end of camp last year (so same level of fatigue). Here is how things breakdown from 2007- 2008

2007- 9.00 miles....1:27:51......Ave pace 9:45

2008- 9.10 miles....1:20:00......Ave pace 8:47

So although I felt like death warmed over, looking back on last year's performance is really encouraging. Last year I ran 1:54 off the bike at Oceanside 10 days after camp. This year I have my first half on April 19th and hope to run a little better than last year. Baby steps!

Ok, now for some silly pictures:

Khai and The Sergio!

Jacqui Gordon, Paulo, Me, and Kevin

Misha, Me and Mariana

Jonathan, Misha, and Danny

Sergio and Paulo

The triathlete tan lines (and this was day 3!)

Sergio Marques

Lindsey, Danny, and Mariana before the long run


Dude, this is so aero!


Al said...

Is that UCI legal?

E-Speed said...

Girl you look Skinny! Are they feeding you? ;)

Glad you got a recovery day, sounds like you are doing awesome though!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Tired? Can't imagine.

Definitely getting some sun on those rides and runs.

Another woman get's hooked...of course Jonathon doesn't know how to do laundry...that's how men get women to do it for fainting ingnorance.

JenC said...

I second e's comment. You look skinny AND muscular. You go girl!

triguyjt said...

wow...what a dramatic improvement in time from 07...yikes..thats impressive...