Monday, March 17, 2008


Wow, it's hard to describe how tired I am tonight! This was my 7th day in Las Cruces and so far I have 24,000 yards in the pool, >260 miles on the road and just 15 miles of running (trying to heal some mild shin discomfort I have been having before it evolves into something more serious). To top it off I have finally succumbed to my first virus of the year. I don't feel too bad actually but I did have 3 days of intense sore throat and I hacked up my left lung at the pool today. I blame it on the airplane!

8am swim
4100 meters, long course
800 warm up
3 x 200 (50 kick/50 left arm/50 right arm/50 kick)
5 x 100 (25 left arm 25 right arm 50 swim
12 x 50 swim- odds easy, evens hard
3 x 400 descending
400 cool down

11am bike
3 hours with 2 x 30 minutes zone 3 interval
This was so painful because I did an out and back route and the back was into the wind and uphill. I have to learn to turn off the speed sensor of my Garmin on windy days. It is so depressing! But I ended up with about 60 miles at 18mph average (damn wind!). Here is the proof of my intervals:

4pm Run
Nice and easy trail run for 50 minutes to test out the leg. It didn't hurt, so we'll see how it feels in the morning. Going to ART on Wednesday. I think it's very mild medial tibial stress syndrome. Better to catch it early- I have a lot of racing to do this year!

And now it's time to relax and go to bed. Tomorrow is a pretty easy day. I might do a short run when the rest of the camp is doing their long runs. Then I'll have time to take some pics of everyone in action!

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TriSonq said...

Between your grueling work schedules, training, and now the camp, when do you rest and relax?

You are a machine!!! ;)