Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I arrived yesterday in the warm dry desert air of Las Cruces. Did a quick, very painfully slow run then hit the pool for a short easy swim. I forgot about the effect of altitude here. It's not that high, but since I'm coming from sea level, the difference is 4000 feet. I was running a zone 2 pace at zone 3/4 effort. I am hoping that I acclimate soon or this is going to be a LOOOOOONG 2 weeks.

I actually got out of the water early and just laid on a beach chair and air dried in the sun for a half hour. It was pure bliss.

Started the Jonnyo diet today. Went shopping and bought NO peanut butter or cereal. Actually after the last 8 weeks where my diet consisted only of peanut butter sandwiches, Kashi Go Lean cereal, saltine crackers and cliff bars I wasn't resistant to the change. Since I'm racing in 6 weeks it's time to get down to something resembling a respectable race weight. Although with the water temps at the Kinetic Half I might be regretting that move. There's a reason that whales have so much blubber.

And speaking of whales, I weighed in today. I'm curious to see what happens at camp this year. Last year I gained weight. Let's try to prevent that this time around! Today I was 127. There, I said it. Now I'm accountable. Ideal race weight is <120 for me.

Haven't taken any pics yet, but maybe I'll take some tomorrow if I don't get blown off the bike by the forecasted 40 mph wind gusts. Sounds like fun...

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Judy said...

You are hilarious as always. Love the pool pic - can't wait to get there and be so out of breath, too, in that altitude - forgot about that! Are your delicious monster cookies allowed on the Jonnyo diet?