Friday, March 20, 2009

Anaerobic training camp day 2

My pathetic legs during the ride yesterday had me pretty worried about my bike fitness going into my first race. Yes, we were sustaining 28 mph, but getting dropped -ever- isn't the best confidence booster. So today the agenda was for a harder ride. The supposed max speed for this ride is 24 mph except for 3 sprint zones, but since it's 5 loops there are a lot of turns. And this group takes speed seriously. It's zero to 24-28 mph in a matter of seconds. To a girl who doesn't have 500 watt quads that equates to a lot of really tough anaerobic sprints. But for some reason, I do better on this ride. It was a lot of fun riding with a group of about 20 cyclists and hanging to Joe Bonness' wheel. I didn't get dropped until the final sprint, but that was the plan because we were bricking the ride so I just tucked into the aero position and grinded it out to the car.

The run was very nice and I felt strong. It was a slow build to zone 3 and we went about 7 miles. I've switched shoes for the moment from the Avi Lite 2 to the Avi Lite Guide to try to ease some new shin pain and it seems to have done the trick.

Exciting news for today...

My bike is being built as we speak!!! Yahoo! I should have my new Trek Equinox on Monday to fit and get on the road in the hopes of getting her race ready for Oceanside. Little Miss Bigwheels might make an April race appearance yet! Many pictures will, of course be posted once I set it up!


And here is a pic of my fit on my NEW BIKE!

Happy Friday!


Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Great job with the ride! I can't wait to see the new bike.

Bullet said...

You might want to consider adding some Zipp 4040's to that front tire, but be careful in cross winds. That could be a killer.