Sunday, March 15, 2009

Now that my fingers hurt, I can officially say that I'm sore everywhere!

Here I was, leaving Performance bike the other day just beaming at my find. Pro3Race tires in 650. It was like Christmas! I couldn't even find these suckers online. It was clearly my lucky day!

Fast Forward to this morning... The battle

I pulled off my old worn out tire from my front rim at 9am this morning expecting to be done with the all that needed to be done to my bike to make it road ready by about 10am.

9:15 Finally get one edge of the tire round rim

9:20 Cursing begins

9:30 Decide this is futile. Need to take off tire and try that clothes drier trick

9:40 Finally get the tire off rim

9:45 Realize the drier has outsmarted me. It knows there is nothing wet in it, therefore will not heat

9:46 More cursing

10:05 Finally got the tire on. TRIUMPHANT!

10:05.30 Hear the air leaking out of the punctured tube

10:06 More swearing

10:15 Get a new tube in. Thankfully the damn tire is now stretched

10:16 Hear air once again coming from tire

10:16.30 Cursing like a drunken sailor

10:40 Third tube in, so far so good

10:45 Friend tells me to put other tire in oven first

10:47 Smell of freshly baked tire emanates through the house

10:50 Burn already very sore fingers on freshly baked tire

11:00 Rear tire successfully installed

11:00-1:00 Decide since I'll probably be racing this steed to swap out the seat, all the bottle holders, and re-tighten all the screws. Eat a lot of pasta. Shower. Get Ready for the ride.

1:30-4:30 RIDING OUTSIDE!!!! It was all so worth it. Of course, after 50 hilly miles in the east of Cleveland capping off a 24 hour training week I hurt- EVERYWHERE. But it's a good hurt.

Quote of the day

By having the will to do what others don't today, gives you the ability to do what others can't tomorrow.

I think I'm gonna go bake cookies now. At least that won't take much energy


JenC said...

Hope they don't smell like tire! : )

Brian said...

I'll trade your day for mine.

Matt said...

I will be installing my PR3s this week, now I am not looking forward to it..

Bob Almighty said...

Tyre...I mean tire shaped cookies anybody? :)

At least you were able to get your ride in.

ADC said...

Yay for the ride. Two hours of tire changing??? That sounds kind of like me.

Wes said...

Yea, you got me hooked on those pro racers... I put the 3s on before Ironman last year. Good stuff!

Flatman said...

LOL...we've all done things like this! At least you got started early... :)

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Stories like this make me so glad I only have to worry about tieing my shoes correctly. I'm glad you were finally able to get out and ride on those tires.

Judy said...

Good job with the training load and the tire - the oven trick sounds good!

shaun said...

a 24 hr week. i can only imagine how hard that would be. you should come to New Zealand JT. Nice and mild. No need for months on the trainer in the winter.