Friday, November 02, 2007

Holy Crap!

So this afternoon I discovered a whole new world of hurt. And the ringleader of this world is this man:

This afternoon, after my morning of mental toughness, exam style, I came home to this:

I saw heart rates that I didn't think were possible on a trainer. I felt glorious pain from my legs. I spun, I sprinted, I prevailed. And then I fell, like a lump of flesh onto my couch. Sweet!

Then once I was able to drag my body off the couch I gave Mike Honcho some TLC. I was so embarrassed that I allowed my prized possession to get so dirty. So we had some time together with a hose, soap, and a toothbrush, and now he's beautiful again. At least having a dirty bike is better than having a clean bike that never gets used!

And this just in from IMFL... Apparently the InsideOut Sports tent is selling...

More Cowbell T-shirts!

I feel like such a trendsetter



Danielle in Iowa said...

Okay, the other Spinervals DVDs kick my ass - I can only imagine what the 90 minute one would do to me.

(although the one where I have to get off and do squats is not exactly a picnic)

Rainmaker said...

Hmm, I wonder if I can Netflix it? That would be really cool!

Matt said...

Why the trainer? What's the weather like down (up) there?

Wes said...

LOL! Yea, I saw that t-shirt and thought about you :-)

rose said...

Was the t-shirt you wore cotton or a tech tee Jodi? Where did you find yours? I'd like to get one before my upcoming marathon. You're right, you are a trendsetter - it's just such a fun idea!!