Saturday, November 03, 2007

Trail-Running through the leaves

I have the whole weekend off (which just never happens) and I was tired of running around my neighborhood. Thankfully, I was able to twist Colleen's arm to go on a trail run with me. Running alone is therapeutic, but running with friends is so fun.

We headed down to North Chagrin Reservation to hit the Bridle trail for some great, low impact, but hilly running. The trees were absolutely stunning!

Here was our starting point behind Squire Castle:

Then we popped out of the woods and crossed a bridge:

How awesome is this!:

Coming back into the parking area after 58 minutes (yes- I ran for 58 whole minutes without knee pain!) of great conversation and tough terrain:

Another view of the Castle on the way back

Now for a little story about the monster. I made 2 apple pies last week. Just one of those things I love to do in the fall. The pie was wonderful. We had gotten through one pie in a matter of a couple days. The other one was still up on the counter waiting to be cut open. Well, then I came home to see this:

and this:



Rainmaker said...

At least she was thorough about it - leave almost nothing to waste.

The only thing in my house that could eat my pie I made last night is my turtle - and that would take a heck of an effort.

Kate said...

What beautiful trails!!

pie definitely looks like delicious! I don't blame maddie :-)

Jen_runs said...

Those photos are gorgeous. Trail running makes my heart sing !

Pedergraham said...

Ooooh, what nice run pictures. I bet it's hard to stay angry at Maddie for long...look at those cure ears! (Maybe pie is better than gettting into the dirty laundry hamper?)

B Bop said...

Hard to believe after spending most of my life here I've never seen Squire castle ((shame))

Sorry to hear about your pie...I'm also sorry for what all those apples probably did to Maddie's stomach. She looks like an expert at the doggie "poor me" trick.

Wes said...

Mmmmmm. Apple Pie! Bad Maddie! LOL!!!

Angry Runner said...

Pie or the thong collection? These decisions are not easy for a dog to make...

There aren't many things in this world more beautiful than a trail run in Autumn. Half of the leaves are already down up here and it's not quite the same as 2 weeks ago.

Rice said...

"got through one pie in a mater of a couple of days..."? Now I feel I might be able to see where Maddie was going with this.. If if took you TWO days to eat one pie then there must not be that much interest in the second... so its fair game..

two days? really? more then one person?