Thursday, November 08, 2007

Things overheard...

Things overheard during Gynecologic surgery that just might be found inappropriate on the street:

1. Make sure you get plenty lubed up before you go in there

2. I lost the cervix-- where's the cervix??

3. If you don't tack down the vagina it could just flap inside out

4. Holler at me if you see the cervix

5. OK, now I think we can just take the rest of this out through the vagina.

6. Now we should fill the bladder- can you go out and grab someone from the hall to fill the bladder??

7. Wow, that really looks like a Uterus!

8. If I can get this into the cervix, we can get anything in there

9. Jodi, go between her legs and wiggle that thing for us

And last but not least...

10. Just jam the *Kocher in her vagina and I'll take it from there

*surgical instrument


Big ass sitter said...

Ahhhh just brings back too many bad memorys from hospital days!

DaisyDuc said...

Sounds like it would be an embarrassing day to have your mind in the gutter as you squeal with inappropriate laughter!

Wes said...

TMI! TMI!!! LOL...

Rice said...

lol.. I have to wonder how someone can be a Gynecologist and have a sex life as well.. Kind of like mechanics drive the worst cars..

thanks for the laugh.



Eric said...

I'm trying to figure out when I would ever hear those statements on the street.

bbieberitz said...

Well that is something you don't hear least most of us ;)

Rice said...

"Jodi, go between her legs and wiggle that thing for us"... Good thing you put "Jodi" in there because "..go between her legs and wiggle that thing" is a fairly common phrase.. lol


ps.. had to come back and read these for a laugh.