Thursday, November 01, 2007

What happened to coffee?

So something weird happened to me a couple weeks ago

I lost my taste for coffee


I wouldn't say I was a coffee junkie, but I really, really enjoyed my morning coffee. And an occasional afternoon coffee. I use all caffeinated gels and bars. I just enjoy my caffeine. But then 2 weeks ago, the thought of drinking coffee just turned my stomach. So I battled through two weeks of headaches and now I'm de-caffeinated.

Now I'll never be one of those people that talks badly about coffee. I think it has a lot of god properties and anti-oxidants. But I can say this- I have been sleeping like a baby! I slept for 10 solid glorious hours last night. It was something truly special, let me tell you!

In other news...

I had a study day today. So I set up my trainer right in front of my computer and spun my heart out while listening to 2 hours of lectures. Then I hopped off and did a 23 minute brick run. Good stuff. In the middle of my trainer ride I started riding the train to bonkville. I was attempting to do the workout on just water. Not for any particular reason, I just was too lazy to make gatorade and didn't have any Accelerade and I don't really like eating on the trainer. So anyway, I get about 1:30 into my ride and I start feeling a bit tired. I looked around the room and found my savior-

Halloween sized Reeces Pieces.

Better than any Gu I've ever tried. Yum!

So I downed a handful of Reeces Pieces and headed out on my run.

Have I mentioned how awesome it is to be able to run again? It is wonderful!

On that note- off to study. Big, big exam tomorrow morning!


E-Speed said...

good luck on the exam. if you have trouble remembering something start pedaling! Maybe it will stimulate that memory :)

Wes said...

No coffee? Now I'm starting to worry about you ;-) Good luck on the exam! Rock it, girl!!!

DaisyDuc said...

Yeah I went through the coffee phase-out a couple years ago. Now I just enjoy it here and there and find it a treat now.

TriSonq said...

Wow. Nothing ever slows you down!

Hope you did well on your big, big test. (you're so understated?!? Ha!)

erichollins said...

"I think it has a lot of god properties and anti-oxidants."

What's so divine about coffee? Can it turn water into wine? Can it catch bushes on fire? Can it part the Red Sea? I know a lot of people love coffee, but this is just ridiculous. I don't know what kind of coffee you are drinking but mine cost $2/cup and that's way too much.

Rice said...

Don't listen to erichollins I understand what you mean.. coffee is divine.. I have leaned away from the "everyday/allday" coffee and tend to just enjoy the odd/daily Double, Short Americano.



TriSaraTops said...

You know, the only time coffee turned me off and somewhat revolted me was in my first trimester....

Uh oh...somethin' you're not tellin' us?

:) hee hee