Saturday, August 19, 2006

First real "long run"

I've finally decided to hit the ironman training and sticking to a more defined training schedule. Today was my first "long run". I put it in quotes because I am just starting and it is so short compared to a lot of guys out there. My goal was 7 miles at 10 minutes per mile or so. I wanted to be in the zone 2-3 area. Since I think that my lactate threshold is around 190 my zones are:

Zone 1- 126-161
Zone 2- 162-172
Zone 3- 173-181
Zone 4- 182-189
Zone 5a- 190-193
Zone 5b- 194-201
Zone 5c- 202-210

I set out from my house and headed towards the Shaker Lakes area. It is beautiful over there and you can do a fair amount of running on flat trails which is good for the ole knees. So I loaded up my MP3 player with a bunch of mellow artists:

Norah Jones
KT Tunstall
Eliott Smith
John Mayer
The Shins
Alanis Morissette

And I set out on my way. About 2 miles in I got the first signs of GI discomfort. Just a little stomach cramping, no big deal. I was feeling good on the run, so forge ahead! Then at mile 4 I realized that I managed to get myself totally turned around and lost in Shaker Heights. Hmmm... A lot of roads that I don't recognize. More stomach cramps, starting to get more urgent. The bushes are starting to look quite attractive...
Then I saw Lee road- Yay! But in a moment of confusion, abdominal pain, and stupidity I turned the wrong way. It took me about 1-1.5 miles to realize that I had gone in the wrong direction. Fine, I'm still on Lee road, I can find the house now, it will just take awhile. Well, the rest of the run was way uncomfortable with the cramping coming to a head about a mile from my house. I picked it up a bit and just made it home in time to have a true Dumb&Dumber moment. The joys of running!

Total distance: 8.13 miles
Total time: 1:17:57
Avg Pace 9:35/mile
Avg heart rate 172 bpm
Calories : 1489 (I don't believe this stat- too high)

Mile 1 9:43 HR 164 Zone 2
Mile 2 9:29 HR 168 Zone 2
Mile 3 9:30 HR 170 Zone 2
Mile 4 9:56 HR 173 Zone 3
Mile 5 10:36 HR 173 Zone 3
Mile 6 9:18 HR 173 Zone 3
Mile 7 9:08 HR 177 Zone 3
Mile 8 8:56 HR 180 Zone 3
8.13 10:06 HR 184 Zone 4

I'm going to try to get a ride in this afternoon once the weather starts looking better.


E-Speed said...

great job on the long run. Take it easy on the running for the next few days, let the legs recover before pushing again! Have a good bike ride and get in a good swim too :) Gotta love the balance of triathlon!

Wes said...

Excellent run, kid. I would die in those zones :-)

trifrog said...

My Polar HRM measures calories, too. Its formula is based on age, weight, height, and I think max heart rate which you have to enter manually. Then, according to your heartrate during exercise, it makes some assumptions about how hard how much muscle mass would need to be working to 'create' that heartrate. Does the Garmin use that information?

The unfortunate part of that is that it shows that I'm too damn efficient at utilizing fat for energy don't burn anywhere near 100 calories per mile that you see in print ;(