Thursday, August 31, 2006

Maddie's Birthday!

Maddie is 4 today! I know it is totally lame, but Maddie's B-day is always party day at my house (good excuse). So I'm about to go home to make a big pot of jumbalaya, and have a fun night with the roommies and my pup. Here are some pictures of the Mad-dog from puppy till now.

Her favorite season is winter and this was taken at a park by my house. We go every chance we get.

This one is especially funny, since she is rarely mistaken for a good dog, but would like you to think she is! ; )

Maddie giving me "the teeth". In dog language this means "screw you". She usually gives you the teeth just before she throws a temper tantrum (you have to see it to believe it)

A tired puppy is a good puppy:

She was so tiny when I got her. This was after I had her for a couple weeks. Her first trip out of the house:

So sleepy! This picture was not typical of her personality. She was the most active, crazy, neurotic puppy in the world. She's better now (just kept the neurotic part)


TriSaraTops said...

Mugsy has the same "Good Dog" bone!!! And it's totally a lie. :) He's always gettin' into trouble. ha ha

Happy birthday to Maddie! Mugsy's is October 29, and yes, we celebrate it too. hee hee!

Wes said...

I got four puppies, and they are just like my rug rats. They don't stay little for ever! Hell, if I'd known you were makin Jumbalaya, I'd a come over for the party!!

E-Speed said...

Happy Birthday Maddie!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Maddie

Your friend, Ruby

Tri-John said...

Happy Birthday Maddie!

I have two Labs, Molly and Hanna... great friends!

triteacher said...

She's beautiful! We love our puppy (9 months old) too.

trifrog said...

Why not - they're our children!

trifrog said...

Somehow I missed her name the first time - we have a Maddie, too. She's a brown tabbie with an "M" on her forehead. And the beagle that lived in our house before us was also Maddie.