Friday, September 01, 2006

Feeling wiped

Ugh. I forgot about the only part about fall that I don't like. HayFever. At least that's what I think my problem is right now. It is possible that I have a cold, but whatever it is I feel like crud. It doesn't help that I spent my day blowing my nose with KimWipes (scratchy) and once I got home when I was cleaning I used paper towels (more scratchy). So my Wed- Fri training in a nutshell:

Wed: 3600 meters in the water, 4.75 miles pounding the pavement

Thursday: Much needed stomach expansion training. Big bowl of jumbalaya, bread, then ice cream and cake covered with Magic Shell. I was exhausted from the strenuous workout

Today: 3200 meters in the pool. Then cleaned, took Allegra, passed out for an hour and went to the gym.

At the gym I did a feat of mental strength. 92 minutes on a treadmill. Really the only hard part is the first 30, then it's all downhill. But it was 9.2 miles. That also made the run kind of tough. Left up to my own pacing I would have pushed it a bit faster. But I know that long runs should be slow and steady, so I'm working on it.

Tomorrow: STOMP (Summit Tour of Metro Parks) 62 mile bike ride. In the rain of a tropical storm. Sounds like tons of fun to me.

Then my mom comes to town! I am going to pick her up, take her to my favorite bar for dinner and then we are off to watch my own Wisconsin Badgers beat up on Bowling Green at Brown's stadium. I am so excited!

Catch up with ya'll Monday. Have a great long weekend. Get lots of quality training and fun time in.


triteacher said...

Oh - will that stomach get stretched over the next 9 months! (Almost sounds like pregnancy, huh?) I've always enjoyed food, but IM training has given me a whole new reason to indulge - and with impunity. YES!

TriSaraTops said...

The best part about tri training.....stomach training! :) I'd better slow the hell down when it's done, or I'll be the size of a house.

MMMMMMM Magic Shell!!!!! I haven't had that in like 20 years!!

Now I want some. Look what you did. :)

Wes said...

You keep talking about Jumbalaya and the misses and I are definitely comming to see you in Cleveland :-)