Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Random thought #1:

Swimming and the crazy uncontrollable hunger that accompanies it

I'm sure that all my tri buddies can attest to the fact that swimming makes you hungry. Not- I just ran for 2 hours- hungry. Not- I just biked 100 miles- hungry. You swim 4000 meters and get- I can't remember when I ate last, if I don't get food now I just might die, I think my stomach is eating itself- hungry. And this lasts at least 24 hours. Ever wonder why this happens? Well so have researchers:

While the old myth goes that you should wait two hours after swimming before hopping in the pool, apparently no one ever had such a policy against eating after swimming. And many find that their stomach begins to rumble soon after a session in the pool. While researchers aren't sure what causes these hunger pains, it has been shown that swimming is not as effective for weight loss as other forms of aerobic exercise.

"Many people who do a lot of exercise have recognized that when they swim, they're not able to lose as much weight as when they run or when they ride," says Dr. White.

In fact, a study published in February in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, Dr. White shows that exercising in cold water may cause you to eat even more afterwards then exercising in warmer water.

In the study, two groups of students rode a stationary bike underwater for 45 minutes. One group was in 68 degree Fahrenheit water, while the other group rode in 91 degree Fahrenheit water. After the exercise, both groups were led to a waiting room for one hour, with food available. After the session, those who exercised in cold water ate an average of 877 calories afterwards, while those who exercised in the warm water only ate 608 calories. Considering that both groups only burned a little over 500 calories exercising, these extra bites can make a big difference.

"When people are exposed to different temperatures, there are a lot of things that change, including blood-flow characteristics, the hormones that are secreted during exercise and the body temperature during and after exercise," says Dr. White, "Collectively, some of these changes may certainly have an effect on appetite."

Random thought #2

I am weight training retarded

I have come to the point in my season where I want to start from scratch, build up my fitness and tone up my body. However, I couldn't be more clueless about how to go about that. So I have taken to my gym, twice a week to look like an idiot navigating my way through the endless rows of weight benches. My current genious plan just has me spending 30 minutes in the back row, doing one complete body circuit of 3 X 10 reps. No particular order, no particular goal. I am so excited to get started with the coach to work on this.

Because come on people. You know why we really do triathlons: to look good naked. Don't deny it!


Random thought # 3

Rain Sucks and it ruins nice weekend cycling plans

nuff said

Random thought # 4

I apologize to anyone out there going to the west coast next week

Because the weather will most definitely suck big time. Why? Because I'm going there. Want to hear my travel history?

-I think my first run-in with the weather was my brother's wedding. Supposed to be in Antigua- October 1996. At time of planned wedding the island was underwater after being hit head on by a hurricaine.

-My first trip to Cali, New Year 2000 for the Rose Bowl. Coldest new year on record. Happy 21st birthday, Jodi. Here's some pneumonia (no exaggeration)

-My first (and only) trip to Bermuda, May 2001. Coldest and wettest memorial day ever. Happy graduation.

- My first trip to San Fran, April 2006. Wettest spring ever.

Cross your fingers the "Big One" doesn't hit Sep 26-30. That would be just about right for my trip

Random thought #5

I eat far too much fruit

So I have been trying to clean up my diet lately. I have gone as "whole foods" as I can possibly manage. The only "processed" foods I've kept in my diet are whole wheat pasta, workout foods (Cliff, Gu, and Powerbar) and organic bread. This is very difficult. I mean, I'm sure I will figure out a way to do this better eventually, but eating 5 pieces a fruit a day is a little bit obnoxious. I think I am going to make my own granola for a snack and bring some carrots for variety. It's not like I'm trying to win the crown of Miss Regular. But on a positive note I feel pretty great and I'm sleeping like a baby. Oh, yeah- I'm also slowly cutting out my coffee. Don't worry, the Blue Moon in my beer fridge is not in any imminent danger. Well, only of me drinking it.

Random thought #6

I love fall a lot more when I have time to enjoy it

I mean, I haven't even watched one entire flippin football game on TV! That is just pure insanity. I am the girl that derives scorn from her roommates for monopolizing the couch all day and night on Saturday. The one who the roommates huddle around and laugh at as she plays her "On Wisconsin" bobblehead and dances at every touchdown. Oh, how I miss football... Maybe in October.

Random thought #7

Joining the triathlon club was the best move I've ever made. Ever.

How awesome are my teammates? So amazingly awesome and inspiring, and nice, and funny, and driven, and FUN! They introduced me to Blogger. Which has introduced me to more awesome and inspiring and nice and funny and driven and FUN people. I am so thankful for all my new friends in Cleveland and the blogosphere. I feel so lucky.


Wes said...

Hilarious! Weight training retarded. LOL! Great post, Jodi. I always wondered why I was so hungry after a day at the pool (when I was younger). If you need a little luck on your trip, I have a certain Voodoo Man I could point out for you. Works too! ;-)

erichollins said...

The Crown of Miss Regular. That cracked me up.

I also agree that swimming and cold water stuff doesn't help you lose weight. You've read my training blog and heard my complaints about it. Here's my theory. Cold water lowers your core temperature. To make up for this, your body shivers which speeds up your metabolism and when you have a higher metabolism, your body is hungrier. that's why you eat so much after swimming especially when the water is cold. Here in Austin, they have a spring fed pool where I do a lot of my swimming and aquajogging and the water is 68 degrees year round.

rice said...

Not sure about the shivering thing erichollins, if your metabolism increased then you would tend to lose more or just as much weight from swimming. I can't speak of the reason for the hunger but I have heard, as you mentioned that it’s the core temperature being lowered with swimming that is the cause of burning less fat. Not like after a hard run were you remain hot for some time after and your body continues to burn more calories in that time.

Don't fret about the weight room EVERYONE goes through it there first couple weeks. Use lighter weights and lots of concentration on the movements. Keep them slow. This will help to build the Nero pathways for the motions and give you more control to lift heavier weights in a very short time. Oh and my best advice for the weights. Do not slack on the return of the weight. Lower it slowly and feel the resistance through the full range of motion. Your muscles can resist 1/3 more weight then they can repel.



JenC said...

I'm hungry all the time, so it is hard to differentiate on swimming days. I do eat before I swim though.

Angela will give you a strength routine. No worries mate! Only good times ahead for both of us!

E-Speed said...

is it possible to eat too much fruit? I thought that and veggies were like the one category you had no limits on.

I don't eat enough to meet that anyways but if I ever do eat that much I don't want to feel guilty!

I need to start doing weight training too. Uggh!

Papa Louie said...

I noticed that I also get very hungry after swimming.
Do you want me to email you Papa Louie's famous power bars recipe? I had to come up with something because my wife didn't like the idea of spending $1.50 per bar. Anyway it's good stuff.

TriSaraTops said...

I...Must...get..back...in...weight room!

Mmmmmmmmmmm. Blue Moon. I have a 12 of that in the fridge right now, although I think my hubby's already had a few! I gotta catch up. :)

qcmier said...

If you want some help or tips with weight training, drop me a line. My weight lifting sessions are still variable right now since I do not have my future race plans mapped out.

Oh, and I hope the "Big One" stays away from Seattle. Enjoy the trip nonetheless.

Lynne K said...

I love weight training (spoken like a true fast-twitch ectomorph); I find it really gratifying because I build muscle quickly, so I see results. But that also means that I see fast results from more swimming, and I am totally aware of the metabolism increase you describe! In fact, for the past couple of days I think my food intake hasn't kept up with even my accelerated BMR from consistent training (including a few swims), so I've been headachy and low energy.

For weight training, best to stick to muscle groups; for example, chest and back, arms and shoulders, legs and core. Repeat twice a week. Rest one day. Or, if you're working it in with S/B/R, do each once a week. But you have to play around with it to see what works with your body/inclinations/schedule.

Steve said...

Well Lets see... after our morning practices I feel like I could eat a chevy.... and Think I tried yesterday morning. I find that swimming is one of the few things that my body just goes crazy during and my metobolism goes through the roof. Running and biking don't seem to give me the same results as swimming... but Running "feels" harder to me than swimming.

And on another note... why do I end up leading our lane? before you asnwer .....I don't agree speedy. I do like being pushed though, so thanks!

Lifting... very satisfying.. and most definately a part of a good rounded workout routine. Just becareful NOT to lift for bulk.. you need lean / strong muscle mass not bulky strength.. you don't wanna carry any extra weight over the ground when your running that 26.2!

See you tomorrow!

RunnerGirl said...

I am seriously contemplating a tri next year - and reading your blog is so inspiring!

I am glad you found blogger, and did the jump for the IM!

I will be reading, and cheering for, you!

Eric said...

I always eat before my swimming. Usually similar to race day nutrition.....boost and a bagel or orange. After a hard swim workout I always make sure I have food to eat since the muscles are depleted.

Weight training....necessary evil. Angela will get you all squared away with a routine that I personally like.

Rain only ruins plans if you let them. Unfortunately with the cold weather why risk getting sick from it.

I hope the west coast is nice to you.

Fruit good, veggies good also. I need to increase my veggie intake.

Fall = Football. I can't relate to watching football but Aimee will park her but in front of the tv also.

CTC rocks. Yes they are a wonderful group and I enjoy being a part of the club.