Sunday, September 10, 2006

I escaped! errrr... kind of

The sea was angry today, my friends

20-40 mile per hour nor’easterly winds caused 4-6 foot waves in Lake Erie and a small craft advisory. Which subsequently turned my “A” race- can’t wait to kick this swim’s ass-coolest tri start ever-triathlon into a duathlon of survival. See, I’m a swimmer. I can probably swim a mile in open water faster than I can run a 5k on land. I also have had no end to my knee problems this year, so the addition of 3.1 miles of running to my day was not a delightful thought. And have I mentioned that this run is 80% on sand? Other bad omens for this race

- My Wednesday run was cut short by a huge cramp behind my knee which led to my IT band flaring (I already have chondromalacia in that knee) and an inability to walk for the rest of the night

- When I went to load up my brand new Cervelo Dual into my car the back tire was pancake flat. With only 100 miles on the tires, I was stumped. When I changed the tube it all became clear. I had asked my LBS to put rim tape on the tires- which they kindly did for me. However, they didn’t cut a large enough hole in the tape to get the valve through easily. When they muscled it through the hole they must have stressed the valve/tire joint and it was totally torn. So now I’m wondering when the front one will flat… but don’t have an extra 650 to change it out (it’s a 48 cm bike).

- In my hurry to get out (I was now late) I took a quick shower. As I put on my jeans I noticed that I only shaved my right leg (I am such an idiot).

- When I got up to the race I realized I only had $10 in cash and my ATM was MIA.

On to the race:

They called the swim at 6am and decided to have us do a 5k run instead, and to start 45 minutes early. It was cold, so the early start was a good thing.

Run Summary: passed some people, got passed by some people, time 26:32 (8:34/mile)


- run was in sand/trails, piers.
- They time-trialed the start because much of the course was unpassable, single lane. My luck they had lost my registration and I was about the 5th from last runner. It didn’t hold me up too much, but there were definitely times where I wanted to pass people but couldn’t
- I felt good coming into T1. Grabbed Gatorade for my transition area to drink before the second run. No knee issues- yes!

Bike Summary: passed some people, got passed by some people, time 1:20.15 (18.5mph)


-dropped my chain at mile 0.2. I knew I should have had my 100 mile tune-up before the race!
- ran over a spider the size of a small child
- It was so friggin windy that for about 5 miles I had to lean my body towards the lake to keep from getting blown over.
- I drank next to nothing, but had a Gu at mile 20. Mmmmm chocolate

Run 2 summary: Passed a couple people, got passed by a couple people: time 59:50 (9:39/mile)


- knees were starting to hurt, but never got excruciating, like I had imagined
- running into 20-40mph winds sucks. But not as bad as biking into them
- for a total of about 1-1.5 miles we weren’t just running through soft sand- we were running through quicksand I’m pretty sure
- The run that was by the lake was actually awesome. Hard packed sand is very easy on the knees
-It was a slow run, but I ran the entire thing. Given my knee issues I was so happy with this!

The finish:

I was so happy to see the finish line. I sprinted in (well, it was a sprint for me), got my chip removed, stretched, and laughed at my hairy left leg.

Total time for 5k run 40k bike 10k run: 2:49.11

Side note- I had a great time with DaisyDuc and her husband Joey. They were so generous to let me crash at their family vacation spot, which was about ½ mile from the race. They are the greatest!


E-Speed said...

Glad you had fun, I am betting the sand saved your knees even though it sucked. Sucks that they bailed on the swim, that's the whole point of that race!

Wes said...

Oh my Gawd! You forgot to shave one leg? Everything else PALES IN COMPARISON, LOL. Totally LOL! You are the R-O-C-K upon which the 20 mph winds break! So glad your run went better than planned. I know you'd rather swim, but 4-6 six foot waves just ain't worth it. Overall? Very impressed! Good for you, Jodi!

Andrew said...

Great race report! Hope someone took pictures.....

trifrog said...

I must be a knee-baby - but I did remember to trim both legs ;)

Great to see you several times out on the course - you smile a lot, or are you just gritting your teeth?

qcmier said...

Great job. Love the run recaps. =)