Friday, September 22, 2006

Weekend cycling :(

Hey peeps.

I know I said I was going to be all about the cycling this weekend.

Unfortunately, with the unpredictable (and crappy) weather, and the work that has popped up that I have to do before I leave for the Bay area Tuesday I won't be able to organize anything this weekend.


I'm still going to try to make it out, but I have no idea what time or place it will be. The weather looks SO sketchy this weekend. Since this is a big time recovery week I'm not interested in toughing it through another 70 miles in the cold and rain. There will be plenty of time for that in the next 9 months I'm sure!

On a positive note, I met with Coach Angela this week and I am SOOOOO excited to start my training. I'm officially starting on Oct 1. I need to give my knees some more time to heal. I did a trial 2 miles on the treadmill and it wasn't good. (another reason I'm not excited about the cycling. It can aggravate the patella too). So for this week I am going to focus on the elliptical trainer and weight training. I think that my hotel should be able to accomodate that.

Before I leave I have one task for the bloggers of the word:


The Cervelo (Dual, 06 silver with black and white decals) needs a name. I have decided a couple things about personality:

She is one high maintenance bitch

So my ideas so far:

J. Lo
Prima (as for Prima donna)

Help me out people!


Lynne K said...



Brunhilde (not exactly a Swiss name, but close ...)

Chris said...

I like Prima between the two that you mentioned...

Sorry to hear about the crappy weather. We're getting the same cold, rainy mess over here if it makes you feel any better. :/ *sigh* Winter is right around the corner...

JenC said...

Diva was the first thing that came to my mind. Or, how about "Mimi"? That is Mariah Carey's Diva name and she is high maintenance for sure!

Good luck with your knee! I'll be joining you for the cold weather tough sessions soon enough. Angela starts me on November 1. It will be tough, but we will make some fun memories along the way!

Travel safely. I'll miss you this week.

Wes said...

How about Jen-e? Pronounced Jenny. Have a safe trip! Rest those knees!!

erichollins said...

I have Sophia the Cervelo Dual (2004) and then Fiona the Fuji Roubaix. I have dibs on the name Sophia so don't steal it ;-)

Don't go with Diva because everything that I know that is high maintenance and can be construed as female is named Diva. How about Bertha?

What's exactly wrong with your knee? Have you thought about aquajogging? It's boring as hell and if you can get through 2 hours of aquajogging, and IM is going to be a piece of cake.

Papa Louie said...

Something about silver.
Hi Ho Silver
Silver bullet
JT Silver

Charlie said...

Sorry to not have you with us this morn. You have a lot of miles ahead. I wouldn't worry to much about resting this week. Sometimes circumstances force us to do the right
The only thing you missed was the pumpkin muffin.mmm.
I am so excited to have a date to begin planning for. Thanks.

As for the bike...Fictional 70's Cheesehead primadonna...Jackie.
Have a good week in SF. Say hello to Barry and Jerry

Eric said...

yeah Coach Angela. I was so stoked when I saw you joined up with her. She will get you ready for IM CDA like no other.

On the bike name: Paris

Now there is high maintenance.

qcmier said...

Oh I forgot about the name of your bike.

What about Gray? In reference to a fine classic read by Henry Gray, not the TV show.