Monday, September 11, 2006

Recovery day, sort of

Oh, man. Remember what I said about my knee not being that bad. Scratch that! I've been in some significant pain today, with an ice pack on my knee as we speak. Not one to miss swim practice I decided I would go, just as a recovery swim. I'd get out after 2000 meters. No problem.

So I get there and ask the coach if there was going to be a lot of kicking today.

chuckle, chuckle. No I don't think so.

Great! I said. My knee is trashed so I'll be pulling the kick sets

So here is how it went

Warm up:

400 swim
400 (100 stroke, 100 kick (pull for me))
200 kick (pull for me)
200 IM

First set
12 X 50 pull (2 free on 1:00 , one stroke on 1:15) X 4

Sweet I'm at 1800 meters. I'll just do a little bit more.

Then the next set made it to the board:

3 X 300 pull (on 5:30)
6 X 50 kick (1:40)
3 X 200 pull (on 3:20)
6X 50 kick (1:40)
3 X 100 pull (on 1:40)
6 X 50 kick (1:40)

Oh, what the hell. I got up early for this, might as well finish out!

Well I did the first two kick sets and realized that the third was a bad idea. My knee was screaming. So I ended out the day with the pulling for a total yardage of 4200 meters. whew!

In other news, I started day one of my "whole foods" diet. It's going well. I swear I about went into fructose shock after my 2 bananas, 1 nectarine and 1 orange during the day. No problems getting my 5 servings of fruits and veggies today!

Tomorrow will probably be a true rest day. My body is hurting. But if my gym calls my name in the morning I might go do some strength training.


Steve said...

HOLY COW! I missed a good practice...and NOW I feel like a total butt! THANKS! Glad to hear you still went and pushed your way through it with out hurting yourself. I will have to make practice the rest of the week and go extra hard to try to make up for it.

Don't OD on those veggies and Fruits!

Finally got my USMS card today. That's fun.

OK so I have to go to the gym tomorrow moring and beat the crap out of myself as punishment for missing this morning.

Wes said...

Oh lord. Take good care of that knee, Jodi! What's up with you tri-women? Huh? You got out for a little run or swim, and you end up doing a half ironman :-)

E-Speed said...

I think I am with you on strength training tomorrow. But only arms for me, the hammy is anti anything right now, besides ice and drugs, meh

Papa Louie said...

Wow! you call that recover day? I took yesterday off and feel like such a slacker compared to you. Anyway, sounds like you need to take care of that knee.

trifrog said...

Recovery means whole-body systems recovery. Better to make sure everything is nice and healed before embarking on that IM training program.