Wednesday, September 27, 2006

San Fran Day 1

Man I am exhausted!

Quick summary of my day:

Got in early and checked in. Went to Wolfgang Puck's in Macy's for yummy butternut squash soup. It was awesome! Then I meandered over to the convention center to register for the conference and the rest of the day was mine.

Wanted to get some walking in, so I went from our Union Square hotel down to Fisherman's Warf to buy some presents for my favorite people, my roommates. They have sacrificed themselves to take care of Maddie so that I can go on vacation worry free. Oh, my gosh I almost cried when I left home this morning. My poor dog was DISTRAUGHT! I had to leave her for 5 months to go overseas when she was young and now she gets so upset when I leave her with suitcases. She was scratching at the door and barking. And I saw her little face looking at me leave through the window... poor pup

I digress... I walked home from the Warf to drop off my things. Then went out for a couple more quick presents in Union Square then off to dinner. We went to the top of the Mark and it was beautiful! 360 degree views of the entire bay. Except the fog had rolled in so it wasn't so clear. Oh, well. Now I'm sleepy but I'll post some pics before I head to dreamland...

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