Friday, September 29, 2006

San Fran Day3

I can't even begin to explain how tired I am today! The Bossman met me at my hotel lobby at 5:30 am Sharp for a morning run. We ran from Union square to Market to the Embarcadero to At&T park and back to my hotel. The Bay bridge looked absolutely beautiful this morning (because it was still dark). The bummer of the whole deal is that my knee is KILLING me right now. I took some Aleve, but I think that I have a triad of things going on:

1. chondromalacia patella. I can handle this
2. I think I might have a Baker's cyst
3. The combination of my PT band for the patella and the cyst has flared my IT band like crazy. I can't win!

I didn't take any pics today because it was all conference all day. But we did have a very nice dinner tonight at Annabelle's Bistro. My 3rd night of salmon in a row. Delicious. Last night it was Puccini and Panetti. I love that place.

I wanted to put up at least one pic per day, so here is a blast from the past. It's my roommate Matt's favorite pic of me because he thinks my best friends from Oz, Matt and Till look totally awesome. We had a lot of fun together. I miss my Aussie buds!

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E-Speed said...

when you get back you should go see the ART doc. Like you I was self diagnosing all my little problems, when really they are all rooted somewhere else entirely :) Especially if your insurance would cover it I would go! I am going for my second appointment today, I'll let you know how it goes!