Saturday, September 30, 2006

San Fran Last day

Really busy today. All conference all day and just got back from dinner. It was great, but I'm looking forward to not eating like a total pig. My morning is going to be crazy so I have to get packing. I'm meeting my boss for a 45 minute run at 5am then my airport transport picks me up at 6:20. Sheesh. Somehow in the next 15 minutes I need to figure out how to get all of my crap packed away so I can NOT miss my plane tomorrow. And then I need to get to sleep. It's still going to be a very long and eventful weekend so I need my rest.


See all the CTC peeps on Sunday at the picnic I hope!

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rice said...

wow sorry to hear the knee is still giving you grief. I went to the doc with a sore knee and he said I have to by new "good" shoes every six months or cut way back on my mileage. Within a week in new good ($$$) shoes my knee was not in as much pain. Also been taking Glucosamine but not sure if this is really having an effect.

Have a good flight.