Wednesday, August 09, 2006

More Xterra Pics

The calm before the storm

This guy was especially pissed. Carried his bike off the course, threw it on the ground, then to top it off threw his helmet at it. Yikes! :)

One of many that came out of the bike course carrying their ride

Muddy Backs!


E-Speed said...

xterra is hard core. I went to a cyclocross event last year, it's unbelievable! Great photos! How did Brooks do?

Rachel said...

Great pics! Wonder what the guy was so mad about? He does look espeically muddy. Xterra sounds so fun but scary!

Sorry to hear about your fall on the bike! At least your okay. I have lots of leg scars too! Mostly from old mosquito bites though.

Hope your laptop is okay! You did back-up your thesis...right?

Steve said...

Guess I should remember things like you're from the kee...

Looks like quite the enjoyable race... a little mud is all the more fun no?

Well I hope your road rash is better and you figured out which bike to ride Sunday. I'll see you out there. Looks like I'm going to step out to help out. Hope you have a good race, and that the course and conditions are prime on sunday.

Steve said...

How was the GCT?

I was planning on coming out to help.... even set the alarm
for 4:10 am.... I unfortunately caught a summer flu this weekend and I spent
all day Sunday sleeping and still this morning was soooooo Groggy that I didn't
want to get up to go to work.

I Hope the aqua-bike went well and the conditions were
great for the race.

maybe Tomorrow won't be so choppy for the swim and we can get in a mile or two.