Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Meet my new baby

Here she is. 48cm, 650 c wheels. Born to me on Saturday 8/12/06. Took her first steps on Tuesday 8/15/06.

Isn't she beautiful? I'm looking for a name currently. Any ideas?

I don't think that I can explain how excited I am (and how worked my credit card is feeling). Took her out on a ride with Brooks last night and it was so fun. Just did 19 miles with 6 big hill repeats in the middle. By the end I was feeling very comfy in the aerobars and was happy with the shifting. Best of all, my legs felt so good afterwords! My knee didn't hurt at all during the ride and we did an awesome brick afterwards.

About the run- Brooks is a much better runner than me, so I get such a good workout trying to keep up. There is just no way that if I would run alone I would push myself that hard. The amazing thing is that after 19 miles of biking and hills my legs felt totally fresh. That is such a relief for me because that is pretty much how I justified the tri-bike expense to myself ("I need a tri-bike so that I can have as fresh legs as possible for ironman"). So we went out and did 3.00 miles in 24:11. For reference, my fastest 5k run to date is 25:40, so my brick was a PR! Sweet.

I also bought another toy that got its first use yesterday. And yes, I am totally done with tri-spending. I got a Garmin Forerunner 305 with HRM. So here are the stats from last night:

19.02 miles
Avg speed 14.0 mph (lots of stoplights)
Max speed: 29 mph
Total calories 813
Avg heart rate: 150
Max heart rate: 191
Total elevation climbed: 1480 feet

3.00 miles
Avg speed: 8:03/mile
Max speed: 7:24/mile
Total calories: 368
Avg heart rate: 185
Max heart rate: 195
Total elevation climbed: 272 feet

Life is good :)


Wes said...

If you got yourself a new bike, then you HAVE TO HAVE a new electronic gadget to go with it! Check the rules. It's in there. I swear! Now, how in the hell can you keep your heart rate so high. First off, women are supposed to have naturally lower heart rates than men. Second, on a run like that, you must've been hauling booty. When I get my heart rate up into the 160s, I'm pushin it baby! Maybe I'll try 170s sometime soon. Excellent on your ride and run! How'se about, Wilhelmeena?

TriSaraTops said...

She's beautiful! You must be so proud. :)

Holy HR, dude!!! Glad the legs feel good though! I wish I could afford the 305, I am so jealous! I have 305 envy....might buy Dan R's 301 though! Not quite as cool but it will have to do for now.

E-Speed said...

Damn speedster!

Papa Louie said...

I saw her and said, Snow White! But if she isn't white then scratch that.

trifrog said...

She is sweet!

Were you riding 650's before? I love mine and wish my road bike had 'em. It makes the bike feel more like it fits me and less like I'm fighting to control it?