Wednesday, August 09, 2006


It's been awhile since I've posted so a lot to update!

First of all, my computer is fixed! It was just the keyboard thankfully. So I had them put in a new CD drive while it was in the shop since that has been broken for 2 years now. I'm good 2 go now :)

This weekend was exciting. I went to Wisconsin to visit the fam and watch the Xterra Midwest Championships. The excitement for me started on Saturday morning when I hit some gravel on my bike when I was cycling with my dad and went down. Got some nice scabs and bruises from that one:

Before the scabs

Leg scars

Fortunately the bike is okay and I think that my body is ok, except for a little bit of rotator cuff discomfort. So no swimming for me until the race on Sunday. My knee is also acting up because of the long drive, so I have to take this week pretty easy unfortunately.

Then Sunday: What a fun race! It started storming like crazy 30 minutes before the start, so the they turned the race into a duathlon (1.8 mile flat run, 19 mile heinous mountain bike, 10k heinous trail run). It was pouring for most of it and I got to see Brooks turn from this:

Into this:

Some other great pics of people finishing the crazy bike ride:

Oh, well, Blogger has told me I'm done putting pics on this post, so I'll post some more later!


TriSaraTops said...

Sounds like you had FUN! Glad you--and your computer--are OK! :) Wow, that's one muddy Brooks! ha ha We are soooo going mountain biking when I'm done with IM MOO--I miss it so much! I totally suck though. My hubby can kick my butt. I'm so used to nice smooth roads that even little logs freak me out! ha ha

E-Speed said...

next time I think Brooks should go for an older jersey! Wow thats a lot of mud!

trifrog said...

Ah man, I hate when I ruin a perfectly new jersey.