Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Heart rate zoning

Did the normal Wednesday night newbie run tonight. There were actually people there this time! I was starting to get a complex because since I have taken over the run for Jen (she was busy training for and doing the Barb's race HIM) the attendance has been really bad! So it was fun, and Espeed made it out which was great since I haven't talked to her for awhile.

The topic of todays discussion is: Heart rate zones. Or more specifically, why is my heart rate so freakin high?

Yesterday- 3 mile tempo run- heart rate stayed over 190 for the last 2 miles!

Tonight- 4.5 mile super duper easy recovery run- Average heart rate 165, max 188. So I was in Zone 4 for a run that was paced such that I feel like I could do it forever. Is this normal? I can't even imagine trying to do a zone 3 run. It would be like 15 minute miles! That would be painful.

Stats of the day:
4.55 miles in 47:35 minutes
Average pace 10:26/mile
total calories: 848 (so this is screwed up somehow. When I ran under a bridge it logged me as going 26 miles per hour)
Avg heart rate: 165
Max Heart rate: 188
Total ascent: 1601 feet (this also seems a little (a lot) steep

I think the Garmin has a little trouble in the middle of the city. Oh, well.

Have a great night everyone! Enjoy this tremendous weather. And start to get excited- the best season is knocking on the door. Fall! Football, apple pie, crisp nights, and 2 months of perfect training weather. The only season of the year that the weather is consistently bearable in Cleveland.


E-Speed said...

Does the Garmin stop when you stop or keep running? Because I had our total run time as like 46 but I stopped my watch when we stopped at lights etc.

I would get into a doc just to check out that heart rate. You may need to really adjust your zones if your heart rate is consistently that high! Because it was obvious you weren't pushing tonight we were at conversational pace the whole way.

TriSaraTops said...

My HR is kind of high, too. What are you using to establish your zones? 220-age is from what I hear not the best way to do it...the Training Bible's got some good ways that were more accurate for me. But I would say mine is higher than normal, too.

And guess who is probably getting a Garmin tomorrow???!!! I have you to blame, or thank. Depending on who you ask. :) ha ha ha Just can't pass up that PRICE!!!!!

Jodi said...

Yeah I think that it stops when we stop. I also started it a little late and ended it a little early. :)

I am going to use Joe Friel's technique soon to figure out what my real max is. I'm sure it's higher than the 220-age paradigm.

I have a doc appt. this month anyway so I'll ask about the HR thing. Thanks guys!

Wes said...

Got you thinkin about your heart rate, eh. That 220-age thing I was told is crap. It is just a statistical average noted by the doctors and is a good starting point. I decided to stress myself last night, and anytime my heart rate went over 170, I started to get dizzy. So, you're ability to sustain a high heart rate is probably genetics and your athleticism, but I'm no expert!