Sunday, August 27, 2006

You will have many friends when you need them

That was straight from my fortune cookie last night. (If you're curious my lucky numbers were 33, 21, 45, 7, 12, 38) So true, and so timely.

I absolutely have some of the best friends in the world. Phone calls from both TriSaraTops and DaisyDuc cheered me up yesterday afternoon. Then my roommate Colleen got home early and we spent the night baking banana bread, drinking Mojitos, and watching The Ladies Man (absolutely hilariously ridiculous movie). I am feeling so much better now.

On to training.

I am currently soaking wet. Had a really fun and interesting brick workout today. The plan was to meet about 3 miles from my house where there is a track right next to a traffic oval without stoplights. 3 miles biking working up to race pace followed by about a half mile run around the track. Repeat as desired TriFrog was our feerless leader.

When I woke up I was disappointed to see the rain. Not that cycling in the rain is the worst thing in the world, but I'm still shaky on the new bike and not quite healed (physically and emotionally) from my 1 crash and 1 fall this month. The thought of riding quickly in a circle in the rain was making me very nervous. I kept checking the forum to see if there was a cancellation or delay. No such luck. And then the voice in my head slapped me across the face

Allright chicken, you are going to be an Ironman. Suck it up

So I went. And I am so glad that I did. It was not only a very fun workout, but everytime I ride my bike, especially in poor conditions, I gain a little confidence. And that is what I desperately need right now. I am acutely aware that the thing that will make me crash more than anything is low confidence in my handling skills.

Things practiced:

1. Bike to run transition
2. Taking off my shoes on the bike
3. Putting on my shoes on the bike
4. Riding in the rain
5. Taking corners (not tight ones) in the aero position
6. Getting my butt out of the house in non-ideal conditions

We ended up doing the workout 5 times. My totals were probably 20 miles on the bike and 2 miles running. I didn't bring the Garmin today so the bike miles are estimated.

Now I have to take a shower. I'm wet and dirty and smelly.


TriSaraTops said...

Sounds like a GREAT workout!!! Glad you didn't let the rain stop you. It sounds like me on the hills this year...I would dread it but every time I got out I got a little less scared and a little bit better.

OMG Ladies Man is one of the FUNNIEST movies!!! My favorite part is on his resume...

"It says here you like dabutt?"

"Oh, yeah, dat is DA BUTT. I also enjoy tennis."

Glad you had a good night last night! Sorry the "fire" plans fell through! Hopefully it will cool down soon.

Wes said...

Way to bounce back, Jodi. You are already an Ironman in spirit :-)

Eric said...

Way to practice the technical parts of triathlon.

I don't know how many rides and runs I have started in the rain. You never know how things will be on race day.

qcmier said...

Sorry to hear about the rough patch in your life. Hang in there. And yeah as you said you have many friends. Lean on them when you need to.

rob reddy said...

hang tough Jodi - tri friends are the best friends - know you can count on them just as you would be there in return. just make sure you keep on moving forward with your dreams

trifrog said...

Glad you came to the workout. One of the things that's tough as the leader is you can't skip if you don't feel like it. I didn't feel like it, but was immensely glad that you, Alison, & Steve showed up.

We had fun and it sounds like you needed it for any number of reasons. Way to go!