Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Adventures in Medical School

Day 1

Organizational stuff. No patient contact, minimal doctor contact, mostly OSHA training. So I show up in capri pants, flip flops, and a T-shirt.

One of these things is not like the other...

I was in a sea of ties and skirts. Oh, boy. Here we go

The only mildly entertaining thing was watching the horrified discomfort of guy-who-cheated-on-me-who-will-from-now-on-be-referred-to-as- smuggy , as he had to share a roof with me for 4 hours. Unfortunately, before I realized how entertaining this could be, I arranged for us never to have to share a city block during the next 2 years. It pays to be on good terms with the registrar...

Day 2

I put on a super duper cute outfit, nice shoes, super cute sleeveless top to show up to the simulation center. Half the people are wearing shorts. Can I win here?

Delivered a baby out of a mannequin (I'm sure it's just like the real thing), did some rectal exams on different mannequins (putting prostates in the pregnant ones just wouldn't be right), then went to visit with my old lab.

Training- oops- exercise note for this day- went to gym, did 45 minutes on random cardio machines, 1 hour doing weights. Yes, weights! I'm toning up, people. Watch out!

Day 3

Went to SWIMMING!!!!!!!!!!

It was freaking glorious. I haven't swam well rested in months! It renewed my love of swimming in a big way. Put in 4100 yards without caring about distance. Just glide, glide, glide. Had a fun group of guys in the lane. 2 more days of swimming before surgery starts...

Then school. I dressed middle of the road today. Learned how to suture a fake arm and tie knots in a quilt. Doesn't this just make everyone feel so good knowing how well prepared us med students are when we jump in to the hospital? (Don't worry, we don't get to do much)

And now I'm laid out, dead tired on my couch. Well, after going to Office Max twice to get an external hard drive, try to install said hard drive, take back hard drive, buy new hard drive. And now, I have less than 98% of my C drive full! I'm hoping this will make my computer a bit faster....

Stay tuned for the next exciting installment of Adventures in Medical School


B Bop said...

"2 more days of swimming before surgery starts..."

You are talking about being taught how to perform surgery, and not the recipient of....right??

With your knee pain after IM I'm a bit concerned. Enjoy your "workouts."

Duane said...

So Jodi, what kind of surgeon are you going to be? Ortho?

Danielle in Iowa said...

You need to put on cute outfits to deliver babies and do rectal exams? Gees, I am glad I'm an engineer (where not wearing the same clothes from ten years ago puts you ahead of the game).

TriSonq said...

You were still probably the cutest girl there!

Wow. 4100 yds. is a ong day for me.

Good luck on your first few days.

Angry Runner said...

You should whoop cheaterboy's ass. Or, I'll assemble my crew and we'll whoop his ass on your behalf.

If your 45 minutes on "random cardio machines" includes an elliptical, I will be awfuly disappointed.

Is this blog going to turn into the script of Grey's Anatomy?

Carrie said...

Just found your blog and am LOVING it!! I've got lots of catching up to do, but wanted to drop you a note to let you know I'll be following along!

Swordfish said...

Glad you final got rid of Smurfette as your handle.

So how long before you get a patient that comes in with the line.........

" Hey Doc, I've got this 5 inch diameter boil on my ass "

rustyboy said...

"Learned how to suture a fake arm and tie knots in a quilt. "

Man, if my Real Doll (tm) ever gets torn, I'll definitely bring her to you for sutures!

Good luck - what an exciting adventure!