Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Okay, finally time to lay down some goals for the next year. If I put them out in the public I'll have to stick to it, right?

1- Get healthy

- This means, first of all heal the knee. I won't even attempt running until July 24th (one month post IM). If it keeps bothering me, I need to get an MRI and figure out what I did to the darn thing

- Lose this dang weight! I have to get the 15 pounds off that I gained during training. I think a lot of it is muscle mass in my legs from all the cycling after I hurt my knee. But I have plenty of fat to trim too. Need to eat healthy. This is complicated by med-school where I'm lucky to have time to eat, and there is an abundance of crap food compliments of the Drug companies.

- Exercise for fun. Go to yoga, swimming, do core strengthening, bike for fun, go to aerobics classes, go hiking, exercise with absolutely no agenda for a few months. No watches, no schedules, no stress

2- Work on running

- Once the knee is better I need to slowly build up my running mileage. I would like to do some early season 1/2 marathons with the goal of 1:45 or less.

3- Tri- Season 2008

- My required rotations (translation- crazy work hours and call) end in March. Then I should be able to start building for my tri-season. I'm thinking a half in July and IM Moo in September.

Time goals-

Half- 5:15
Full- 12:00

I feel like since I've done the distances now, I can start making time goals. It will be a tough year to train, so we'll see how realistic it is. If I actually keep the weight off and work on my running, they should be manageable.

4- Survive med school without looking like an ass

- I haven't been in a med school class since 2003. I took my boards 4 years ago. I'm pretty much going to be "that girl". I'm sure I've forgotten 95% of the pertinent medical information I ever knew. Should be an entertaining year.

In other news- Taking the munchkins to see Ratatouille today! It will be my 3 year old nephew's first movie, so we'll see how long we last. He has a pretty killer attention span, just not sure how he will like the dark theater. Should be an interesting night either way!

And here are some gratuitous kid pics from yesterday

We were playing with the kids with the sprinkler. My dad was turning it on and off as the kiddos would get close. It was a riot!

Pizza for dinner! (did I mention how fat I feel right now?)

Hiding under the piano

Daddy (brother Andy) playing some tunes for baby Ava


Danny Montoya said...

Sounds like you get to lead a "normal" life for a bit!! Good for you :) and yoga!!! I am so jelous!!!

Good luck with med school, "keep your eye on the prize" and (in my best Nacho Libre voice) "you've got to be tuuuff if you want to be de beeest"

Judy said...

I love your new colors and blog design. The pics of the kids are so cute!!!! What a riot of an idea your dad had with the sprinklers!! I hope you will keep us entertained with your med school stories! Good luck with your coming year. Great goals!!