Sunday, July 01, 2007

Random crap and pics!

Soon I'll put up a post about my goals for next year, but there's just so much going on here! My brother from Kentucky just arrived with his wife and son and daughter, and my other brother was here with his son and it was kid central! So much fun!

First some randomness...

- I feel like big fat slug. I'm still limping around because the left knee is FUBARed. Thankfully I can ride, so today I did something I should go to bike hell for. I put Mike Honcho outside on the trainer and rode in the sun for an hour. I didn't have anyone to ride with and I'm not so comfortable riding alone here in Milwaukee... and I felt like such a slug I just NEEDED some exercise. I figure it was ok because I still got to enjoy the wonderful weather

- My pinkie toe underwent a metamorphosis yesterday. The big questions here people...

Do you want to see the pics? I'm leaving this one up to you. The skin of the whole toe came off and took the nail with it. It was quite the spectacle, let me tell you. And of course, yours truly captured it on film. I suggest you decline this generous offer, but I run this blog on popular vote.

- I am being held captive in the land of diet sabotage. Like I don't feel fat enough already, weighing in 15 pounds heavier than I was in February, I have to be surrounded by a world of sugar and saturated fat. M&Ms, donuts, banana bread, chips, dip, Popsicles, pizza. I am just lucky that I've lost the taste for most of that crap. But I will never, NEVER I tell you, lose my taste for peanut M&Ms. I'm like a junkie here with an easy fix around every corner. My will power is only so strong. Give me strength!!!!

Ok, now some pics!

The cousins, Casey and Ashton together for the first time since Christmas:

My brother taught them this trick ;-)

How cute is this?

Splish Splashing by the pool

Grandpa with baby Ava. She will be celebrating her first birthday on the 13th... the same day as her Daddy's

Maddie wanted to get a closer look. Yeah, that's her ON THE TABLE. She just loves kids. The younger the better.

And this is happening right now. I'm the no-talent addition to this family. So I just sit back, listen, and occasionally sing along

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope everyone else is enjoying their family as much as I am! These kids are awesome. I have to put up a video of my nephews laughing. It's too much!


erichollins said...

As someone who has posted multiple pics of black toe nails and the process of cutting them out, I definitely want to see pics of your pinky toe. And since I voted first, that means everyone else's vote doesn't count. ;-)

JenC said...

I don't get grossed out easily, so please do share.

Enjoy the diet amnesty while you can. When you get back from vacation, there will be plenty of time to worry about calorie counting.

Love the new layout!!

Angry Runner said...

Screwed up toe- Yes.
Your post IM diet = My pre-race/training diet.
Are you a fat slug- No.
Kids- cute.
Dog on table- Priceless.

Anonymous said...

Pictures! The more the better.

Anonymous said...

I vote for pictures of the toe. Are you sure the weight gain is not from more muscles?

Wes said...

Would that be a Hill Slug? Because if it is, I can relate :-) Ironman!!

Anonymous said...

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