Tuesday, July 03, 2007

He made it!

My sister in law, Heather, and I took my 2 nephews to see the new Pixar film Ratatouille today. It was Ashton's very first movie in the theaters. His parents both thought we were totally nuts for attempting to take their 3 year old son in a public place where he had to be quiet for 2 hours, but I had a good feeling. We spent a solid hour this morning warming up watching pixar clips on youtube, so I knew that he was totally ready for the challenge:

(as a sidenote- I actually do have hair! I realize that I have my hair either in a ponytail or in a hat for 99% of the pics I put on this blog, even though I wear it down 100% of the time I'm not training)

So we get to the movie and buy the greatest kid diversion of all time- POPCORN. Ashton didn't want to wait for our purchase so he broke free and cruised over to the counter and started eating the popcorn that people had dropped right off the counter. It was when he started cleaning the floor that we had to scoop him up and find our seats.

We all get situated, me on the end, then Ashton, Casey, and Heather. We bought the hugemongous tub of popcorn and Ashton demanded that he be the one to carry it to the seats. He sits down, tub of popcorn as big as he is, and he starts to eat.

and eat

and eat

The movie starts.

He eats

and eats

and eats

We get an hour into the movie and I'm just amazed he's still watching and quiet. Then he appears to get a bit uncomfortable. Mind you, this not quite 3 year old kid has now eaten more than 1/2 a large tub of buttered popcorn.

He leans towards me, gives me a big smile, and lets one rip. Good thing he was wearing diapers because this was a fart to be proud of. One that could clear out a theater.

Then he goes back to watching, leans the other direction, and lets one go again. This guy has a future as Al Bundy, let me tell you!

So after 15 minutes of raucous gas, we decide it's maybe time to jet. We almost made it through the movie, and I'm so proud of my little nephew!


Charlie said...

There may be no better way to show your appreciation for a film about a rat chef than to let one rip.

Neese said...


thanks for the YouTube tip i'm going to go watch some clips, the previews i've seen on tv look funny!

Angry Runner said...

"...this was a fart to be proud of." Good Lord!!! I'm too busy snickering over here to think of anything good to say hahahaha.

That photo is adorable...

Wes said...

Al Bundy... Hee hee... How old are you? LOL. What a great Auntie!!

khai said...

That's AWESOME. Hell, I'm proud of the kid and I've never even met him!

Props to all of you.