Sunday, July 15, 2007

Now that was my kind of ride!

This is how I recommend everyone ride after their Ironman:

Ride 6 miles to your friend's house. Chat it up. Leave after 15 minutes

Meet the rest of the group 15 miles later. Say hi and do the greetings.

Ride 28 miles easy. Enjoy the scenery.

Eat a monster breakfast of a cheesy garden omelette, toast, and fruit

Ride 18 miles home.

The only hitch, is that the 18 miles home is done on a very full stomach and requires an extended climb out of the valley. Well, I'm not the best digester of cheese, so this hilly stretch had me thinking:

Well, it's time to get my butt organized. I have a very long week ahead of me...

Life as I know it is about to end


Paris said...

Oh look at me, I'm lactose-intolerant! Why don't you try an omelette of HTFU!!!

rustyboy said...


Lactose for me is a no-go too. I had a few bites of ice cream from McDonald's yesterday. Unsurprisingly, I had no gastrointestinal issues, as I doubt there's not one drop of actual dairy in the stuff.

Angry Runner said...

Re: your slowtwitch post:

All of the cool kids ride Cannondales (ie. Me). Go for the Synapse Carbon or System Six and stomp some roadies, then don the neon green Liquigas jersey and stick it to the 'dale haters. My next pure road bike will probably be a Cannondale...but that's after I get a tri-rocket.

Ken Schulz said...

Note to self. DO NOT read Jodi's blog while on taper. That Will Ferrell clip sent me on 20 minutes of mindless watching YouTube clips!

JenC said...

Ah, good times! I hope to be enjoying the same kind of ride soon.

Wes said...

Good luck with your transition :-) We'll be thinking about you... Hope everything gets kicked off well, if that's even possible in Med Shool! LOL.

Dying Water Buffalo said...

Sounds like a cool ride. I've eaten a turkey sandwich in the middle of a ride before and was... okay.