Friday, July 13, 2007

Score one more for the future doctor...

As part of the "welcome back to medical school" week, the sadists that are the med-school higher-ups decided it would be fun to have us take a 230 question exam that covers everything that we are GOING to learn this year (not that we already know, that would be too practical). So according to my scatter-brain, the exam was at 12:30. Colleen confirmed that the meeting time was 12:30 and it started at 1:00. No problem.

So I go super early, meander up to the test rooms at 12:15 and see the rooms full of people taking the test.

Did I mention this is going to be a very long year?

Um, yeah. The test started at 12:00. And of COURSE my computer speaker was on full blast so I announced my late presence to everyone with the last names S-Z.

I think this was the gist of it:

Hello, my name is Jodi. If you're lucky, I'll be on a clinical rotation with you, and relieve you of the stress of being that girl.


But I have a good excuse for being scatterbrained. An evening of AMAZING cycling and even BETTER wine last night... and a 4:45 am wake up call to go swimming!

Went out with my faithful Ironman cycling buddies, and had such a fun 40 miler. It was rolling terrain, and there were a couple people out that were weaker cyclists than me (that never happens). So we would ride for 5 miles or so and then wait and regroup. And you know what? I was able to stay with the front pack almost the whole time! The rests really helped to recuperate, but it felt so great to go FAST and short. I am loving this no training thing.

We stuck around for burgers and wine afterwards and let me tell you something... I used to think that I liked wine. But I have NEVER had wine of the caliber that I've had at Lanny's. Wow. I have been inspired to go on cycling tours of France and Italy and California! Any takers?

Then it was an early wake-up for masters. Got the pleasure of swimming in piss water today. Felt like a freaking hot tub by the jets. That's always a joy. But at least the set was fun. Not quite the same without Lanny, since he is out of commission since the Epic ride with a shoulder injury. Lets all keep our fingers crossed that it won't require surgery!!!

And one more thing...

I've been using a google site traffic monitor. One cool thing about the program is that you can map how people find your site. 13 people found my blog by searching google for Jonnyo . Why was this, you ask? Well, because Jonny earned the title of Canadian Long Course Triathlon CHAMPION last week. Yay Jonny!


matt said...

how many hours a night do you sleep, jodi? :) how did the exam go, by the way?

your efforts to balance hectic school and training schedule is very inspiring.

thanks for sharing your thoughts on the newton shoes. it is nice to share in the shame/pride. they are great shoes, so far. how many miles do you have on yours? i haven't run beyond 18 miles at once in them, but i felt great at the end. they are light as a feather :)

Ken Schulz said...

W00t Jodi! Like what your Blog has morphed into. Building up to your first Ironman is such an awesome accomplishment. What to do after... seems like finishing off school is a good start. Keep on rockin!

Ellie80 said...

I love the new layout Jodi - its great!

I am intrigued by my sitemeter - i have people get to my blog by googling 'wet t shirt competition' and 'morbidly obese half marathon'. hmm. perhaps i should write about training more...

I am sure you aced the test anyway!

TriSaraTops said...

Oh I am TOOOOTTTTTTTALLLLLLLLYYYYY in for a cycling tour of Italy!!!!

Just, ah, not this year...


I LURVE me some wine.

But...uh..not this year.

(notice a pattern here?)

Angry Runner said...

"Holla at a playa when you see him in the street" beats out "Jonnyo". Sorry.

I would join you in Italy or Cali, but I can't be let off my leash with a bottle of wine in hand. You don't even wanna know...

Mallie said...

I've got family in places to stay. Let's do it!

I'm amazed at the pace you're keeping up. Seems to work for you though.

Karen said...

Wine - yes please, preferably red - thanks :o)

As for your comment about swimming in "piss water"... EUGH! I think the word "piss" must mean something totally different to what it means to us Brits.... well I hope so!!