Sunday, June 10, 2007

Taper Diaries Day 7

NO Caffeine day 1

Had the most wonderful 70 mile ride in Amish country amongst the best group of cyclist buddies in the world

Me with cycle buddy number 1- Janet. Who kept me company for all 70 miles and 1 mile of a real, honest to goodness RUN! Yes, I ran like the wind. Like there was no tomorrow. The breeze was in my hair, there was a new lightness in my step. Yeah, sure it was a 9:30 mile, but it was OUTSIDE and it was RUNNING. Rock on!

Then I went home, fell asleep for an hour (I'm starting to see a taper diaries trend here) and headed off to meet my other favorite cycling buddies for the most amazing dinner I've ever had with the best wine I've ever had. We were all out at the ride today, but I couldn't quite hang with the big boys today during strict zone 2 taper. They had one hell of a good ride, though. Here is the four of us after our wonderful meal (Craig, Tony, me and Lanny)

And here you can see what a die hard cyclist Lanny is- this is the sculpture outside his house:

I am so fortunate to have these wonderful people as friends! Now it's time for me to go pass out in a food induced coma. I haven't eaten that much in one sitting for at least a year!


erichollins said...

Napping during your taper is probably one of the best things that you could do during your taper.

Charlie said...

Yea running!

DaisyDuc said...

How awesome of your boys to send you off in style!!!

It was so great getting out and riding with ya yesterday! Could not have asked for a better day!

Mallie said...

I'm not a good napper. Sounds like you've got that down as well as all the other parts of your training! Enjoy the rest of the taper. You've earned it.

Wes said...

You guys look like a super fit gang that is just ready to go :-) I'm jealous of naps!!

JenC said...

Sorry I missed the SIJ ride. It would have been nice to ride with you one more time before the big dance. Glad to hear the run went well!

Those swim/bike guys are so nice!

I shall miss you the next few weeks. Kick some butt!

Craig said...

Perfect day for cycling! Waving from Amish kids along course was fun sign of support. Your cycling looks strong for CdA!