Thursday, June 14, 2007

You can just call me #2033


It's real now. I have a number. Thank GOD. I can't imagine bouncing off the walls for 2 weeks and then not having a nice release for all this energy!!!!!!!!!!! I'm seriously going nutso!

Time for randomness:

I'm loving taper and vacation. So much relaxing, sun, family, new friends. Good stuff! There is a wonderful group of triathlon guys in Milwaukee that are taking care of me here. Joel from Tri-Wisconsin took me swimming yesterday and we had a great set. The 8 x 100 at race pace just about killed me. Joel did the whole workout with me without a single complaint. Not even when I made him do 2 x 400 breathe every 3,5,7,9 by 100. That was tough! He's taking me on my ride today and then a bunch of people are meeting at Pewaukee Lake tomorrow for an open water swim and tequila challenge (in that order, don't worry). Sounds like my idea of a Friday!

Here are some pics of my taper...

We played with bubbles

Ate some cookie dough

Had a good laugh at my nephew too. He discovered his little soldier this week.... and thinks we all need to see it. He went up to my dad the other day, pulled down his pants, and proudly exclaimed: Look Papa, it's up!!!

Relaxed, doggie style

Relaxed, Jodi style

Also having some fun over on Slowtwitch. My CdA time is the tie-breaker for Tom Ziebart's competition to win a signed gatorade hat. You can see the predictions so far here

My parents are going through a rough spell, so we're trying to make the best of it. In the past month my Dad lost his job (I won't get into the nasty business practices of the pharmaceutical industry but lets just say he was encouraged to retire), and the basement flooded after the washing machine broke. We're talking major damage. The basement is a living space and so far all walls have been torn out and carpeting removed. Likely we will have to buy all new furniture too. So we're trying to take everything as a blessing in disguise. I'm going to spend a lot more time with Dad this summer and we are really going to enjoy this vacation! As for the basement, my mom's best friend Glenna is coming over today and we are going to have some fun redesigning the basement (thank God for home owner's insurance!). Glenna has been like a second Mom to me, so I'm really looking forward to spending some time with her. And she is one hell of a designer, so she'll have great plans for us for that flooded space!

OK, time for me to go find some other outlet for this energy now. I think sunning by the pool sounds like a good idea today...


erichollins said...

Raw cookie dough. One of the best foods in the world!

It sucks to hear about the difficulty with your parents. It'll work out in the end though. It almost always does.

JenC said...

I'm glad you are having a good time on vacation! Good luck to your parents.

Miss you!

SkiRough said...

Girl, sorry to hear about your family. The best thing is that you guys are all together and you're there to help them through this.

Sounds like you're having a great taper!

momo said...

hey, jodi, i'm sorry to hear about how things are going with your parents, hang in there, we'll all be sending them lots of good vibes for better times ahead. and i'm with skirough, its wonderful that you are there to help them through.

i'm 2290!! let's definitely catchup in cda!

Wes said...

Glad to see you are hydrating yourself properly :-) And I'm likin the guesses on slowtwitch. Helps me narrow down the time I need to be on to see you cross the line! Woo hoo!!

Mallie said...

Enjoy the liquid refreshment. Will send some good vibes your folks' way. T-t-t-t-t-taper!

DaisyDuc said...

Girl, it sounds like you are having a blast out there. It is always awesome to meet new friends.

The soldier comments are too funny!

Oh the Jodi craze on ST...I have been getting a kick reading through all the comments this week. Oh, the excitement is in the air!!! Go 2033!!!!!!!

E-Speed said...

awesome photos. Glad to see you are enjoying the taper.

tri-dogmom said...

Your IM CDA number is close to mine - 2042!

My husband is also doing the Janus Charity (

Maybe we'll see you there :-) Good luck!!!