Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Taper Diaries... Day 6

Caffeine taper, day 2

Woke up way too early

Got to the gym before it opened. Trained

Took bike to the shop to get rid of weird Creaking that was the result of the Ironman Tune-up. LBS had to take bike apart

Got headache. Took Tylenol

Went home, fell asleep on the couch

Went back to LBS to pick up non-creaky bike

Went to store to get cake holder tupperware thingie

Why the F$%! does't Target have a cake holder tupperware thingie!!!!!!!????

Baked cake

Burned cake

Conspired with roommates to destroy evidence of cake disaster

Ruined diet

Went back to store

Baked Cake

Frosted Cake

Remembered laundry that has been waiting in the basement all day

Folded Laundry

Went to bed


Tried to go to bed

House filled with skunk smell

Much loved dog who is outside got a direct skunk hit

Went to store for Tomato paste

Washed dog

Made one dog VERY unhappy

Dog in picture, then headbutted me

Went to bed for real in a stinky room with a stinky animal

Stay tuned for the next thrilling installment of the taper diaries


erichollins said...

Hey, if you get really bored or energetic, I like cake. Email me for my address ;-)

Miranda said...

Well, you're smarter than me on the dog thing.

My dog Nikki killed a skunk underneath our garden shed and got sprayed REAL good in the process. I din't have any tomato juice but I did have lots of tinned stewed tomatoes. Put them in the blender ... same deal, right. Who wants to go shopping at 2AM?

Well, it kinda worked on the skunk smell but we were combing tomato seeds out of that dog's hair for the next three months!

Sounds like you're doing pretty well on the taper so far :)

erichollins said...

Please don't let my cake smell like skunky dog covered in tomato paste.

TriSonq said...

Awww. I'm going to tell PETA on you. A tomato-pasted dog. Not cool!

momo said...

oh, no, jodi - why are you trying to taper off caffeine during your taper???? you are one brave soul!

Charlie said...

That photo is hysterical.
Every time I passed a dead skunk today it made me think of you and your drive to Wisconsin. After that drive, IM should be cake....Well, maybe pie is more appropriate based on your cake ordeal.

Thank you so much again for the ride this mornin'. You are so good to me.

Have fun in Dairyland.

Wes said...

I hear tomato paste is good for getting rid of that pee smell too. You might need some after the bike on your Ironman :-)

DaisyDuc said...

That pic is too funny...poor dumb doggy!