Saturday, June 30, 2007

How do ya like me now?

Is the new layout sweet or what? I am in awe of Mallie's work. Is she fast and creative or what?

So I thought I'd take you through a day in the life of a girl 6 days post Ironman.

Get up

Decide today is the day to go on a bike ride, although you can't walk yet.

Change the cassette from the race wheels to your training wheels. It can't be that hard, can it?

Spend 10 minutes washing hands to get the grease off

Realize that you haven't put the damn wheel back on the bike

Spend 10 more minutes washing hands to get grease off

Start riding. Be amazed that you can bike without pain, but you can't take a single step on land

enjoy the beautiful scenery and lovely day in southeast Wisconsin with no Garmin, no HRM, and no watch. Think this must have been 3 hours

get back 90 minutes later and eat Indian food

Feel pretty damn proud of yourself for that killer ride

Strut around the house... well if you can consider a walk that fails to bend one leg a strut

2 hours later wonder how on earth a person could be this tired in the middle of the day. Did you not sleep last night???

Do a flying swan dive onto the bed. Sleep like the dead for an hour

Wonder how many days are going to be like this.

Oh, one more thing. I realize that some of you may have no idea why I named my bike Mike Honcho. Here's a clip for you. You will most likely finish and still wonder why the heck I named my bike Mike Honcho. But the bike enthusiasts will get it :-)


Kate said...

Very cool look, and new title!
I can't believe you could ride for 3h today- wow!

TriSonq said...


TriSaraTops said...

Isn't it nuts that the bike feels so good but simple tasks, like PEEING, are so hard?! LOL

Love the new look! Mallie rocks!

Donald said...

Sweet layout. I like it!

Neese said...

love it!!! nice work! :o)

Duane said...

Very nice!

Ken Schulz said...

Shakin Bacon! Like the new layout. So what's next in the JT Adventure?

TJ said...

so that's what i have to look forward to post ironman....
like the new layout!

Wes said...

A new layout that is worthy of an Ironman. ROFL at the video :-)

teacherwoman said...

I absolutely love the new look!

Bigun said...

We have friends who are NASCAR fans (we are not...) and they seem to be offended by Ricky-Bobby...which makes it even funnier. Congrats on CdA again, and that is a great header...