Saturday, June 23, 2007

And one more day bites the dust...

Started the day with a swim. Went down with Paulo, Jonathan, Mom, and Dad to the swim and met Tom Evans (multiple Ironman winner and one of the favorites to win the race- Go TOM!)

Here is Jonathan and Tom messing around before the swim:

The three of us:

Me and Paulo:

Then Miranda arrived! The crew is complete!

Miranda and sad Jonny:

At the banquet. Now I'm getting nervous!

The crew after the dinner:

What a cool sunset!

Jonny was hungry after the dinner, so we went to get him some dessert...

I DNF'ed my portion...

And now I need to GET TO SLEEP!

Talk tomorrow!



Travis said...

Saw some of your posts on slowtwitch and was greatly entertained by your blog.

Just wanted to say best of luck out there Sunday. Can't wait to check back on your blog post-race!


erichollins said...

Kick some ass tomorrow! Good luck. I'll be following you on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Jodi from another Wisconsinite (Neenah). Look forward to reading your report and your pics. Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition...did I say nutrition? MJS

momo said...

jodi! hopefully we'll meet up tomorrow or on the course somewhere!

have a wonderful race, enjoy the day and have FUN!!!!

go, jodi, go!!

Judy said...

You are most kind to us with all these pix and stories - probably good to keep your mind off the race - LOL!! Thanks for the updates - wish I was there with you guys!! I miss the crew. And even the bad face of Paulo in the morning - what a classic on ST!!

Deirdre said...

OK, girl this is it!! Have a fabulous day. The best bit of advice I received was to enjoy every minute -- you will never again have a FIRST Ironman race. So every one (or one hundred) after tomorrow will be compared to this one day. Take it all in, smile a lot, and get the crowd cheering -- you won't regret a minute of it! I can't wait to hear your report.

We'll be cheering you on from Cleveland. Think of us when you need a little boost :-)


p.s. Tom led the entire Lake Placid bike/run until the final duel in the last mile . . . hope he takes it tomorrow!

bbieberitz said...

first, nice tan lines :)

second, I am calling it. Tom Evans will win CDA. How does it feel to be hanging out with the champ?

TriSonq said...

Good Luck, Jodi!

We'll be thinking about you.

SkiRough said...

OMG YOU DNF'd the cake!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! sooo funny :)