Friday, June 29, 2007

A shout out for a wonderful fellow blogger!

So you all may have noticed that I have done absolutely nothing to my blog for almost a year. I haven't updated my links, made any style changes, it's pretty lame. But, we have a very talented blogger in our midst. Mallie is raising money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation in her leadup to 24 hours of booty. For a donation of $25 or more she will totally give your blog a face-lift. And she does a magnificent job. This is like the best deal on the internet and the money you give goes to a great charity. (She's not shamelessly asking for money like yours truly did. I have absolutely no talent to offer!) We're going to get started on my new look soon, but head over to her blog and at least look at the great work she does.

So what do you think I should go with? I'm thinking black and pink in honor of Mike Honcho. I need to pick some good pictures to put on the header too. Any ideas??? This is so exciting!



Wes said...

If you go black and pink on your blog, Mike is REALLY going to hate you :-)

Ken Schulz said...

Bike pr00n. Your web page should have cool pictures of your cervelo! But if you do that then you need to keep the pink theme or your bike will really get mad at you. That and a link to Angry Runner!

Angry Runner said...

I love it!!! Bike pjorn and a link to me!!! Ken is The Man!!! Exclamation points for everyone!!!!!!!

I need a bloglift too...angry, aggressive colors. Jodi- The purple/pink motif seems good for you, but if you want to go wild and crazy- go for it. Don't let haters hold you down.