Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Will you ever forgive me?

Me: I hate when you look at me like that

How do you want me to look at you?

Me: Come on, it's not that bad!
You can't be serious

Me: I think it makes you look... handsome
Ok, now you're just mocking me. I thought we really had something nice going. Why did you feel like you had to change me?

Me: We talked about this. It's for a good reason
So your parents can spot us, yada yada. I thought we agreed on blue

Me: They didn't have blue!
They had OTHER colors!

Me: Come on, are you really that sensitive? You still look hot
Yeah, well if you're into girls you could have just told me

Me: Ok, OK. Just this one race, then we can go back to how things were
Seriously, I can't believe you are making me race like this. It's freaking ridiculous. I'm going to get made fun of in transition, don't you understand that?

Me: Oh, relax. At least you don't look like all the others
I mean seriously... pink? PINK?

Me: You should be happy- I even bought you a matching bottle cage

I am so embarrassed


Duane said...

I like the pink!

Ken Schulz said...

I feel for your bike... don't worry, we'll get through this... be strong!

Wes said...

LOL. Oh no you didn't. Mike will never forgive you....

Anonymous said...

Pimp. Your. Bike. Good stuff.

erichollins said...

What is Mike Honcho's drag queen stage name now?

Curly Su said...

LOVE it! blue is boring...(besides, look at your blog; i think you prefer pink!)

Charlie said...

You have seen far to much black and blue.
Paint the race pink.
Should be easy to find your bike.

Noah said...

Hi Jodi. I somehow stumbled across your site, possibly off of slowtwitch. It turns out we're very similar: I'm a research associate at the University of Chicago, and trained for my first Ironman (AZ) while finishing my PhD. I've been reading your story from start to finish between experiments and, like everyone else, I'm interested to see how the story ends.

Have a great day,
Noah (www.chimpalliance.com)

JenC said...

Some dude at work was wearing pink yesterday. It is okay for males to wear pink - tell the bike to repeat it to himself. : )

DaisyDuc said...

I like men in pink!!!!

Andy said...

Real men can wear pink-- and your bike looks damn fast in it. Seriously, it looks great. If that's not enough, tell him that a little change now and then is good for any relationship.

Mallie said...

What's wrong with pink? I'm not an especially girly girl and I still think that pink looks great!

momo said...

i LOVE it!!!! pink is the new black you know (or in your case, the new blue). :-)

TriSonq said...

OK, pink will work for you. Me, not so much.

It does look good on YOUR bike though. :)

Anonymous said...

Now you just need pink socks to match your bike. You look great and ready to roll (you do as well Jodi).

Good luck!

Eric said...

Your bike is Hawt. I really like the pink. Now you need pink sidewalls on the tires.

sarah-ly said...

looks amazing! reminds me of this tshirt i saw a bikeriding guy wear this weekend...tough guys -- and girls -- wear pink!